Thursday, July 12, 2018

sissy gina restrained

sissy gina restrained in pink sissy dress with petticoat
As an effeminate sissy, Sir decides that sometimes i need to be restrained. This is not total restraint but to make things more challenging for me as a submissive sissy and to be reminded of His control over me. In doing this, He forces me to walk with short mincing steps and make small carefully coordinate hand movements. His domination is on my mind all day as i am dressed like this as i do my daily chores. Note that my wrists and ankles are restrained. It makes me feel even more weak and submissive to be dressed like this.

My pink sissy dress has a lovely petticoat for fullness but it is so short it does not cover my stocking tops and garters. i love being dolled up as a sissy like this with pink hair and lovely pink bows in my hair.

sissy gina restrained in the garden
sissy gina restrained and gagged on the patio
sissy gina lifting up skirt to show her lingerie


Happy pet said...

You look adorable


Pink Curls said...

Hi Gina:

I love your outfit. I know how difficult it is to do chores while cuffed. Having your ankles cuffed sure does make you mince like a sissy.

I wish that you would post more often.

Pink Curl (AKA Sissy Alice)

pansy_Faggotte said...

So Lovely to see some new pics of you, dear. as this sissy knows, it must feel so wonderful to be gagged and restrained while doing chores

Mujeres Chapin Buscan Leche/Leite Fresca said...

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Si gustas te pones en contacto con nosotras y despues hacemos unas papusas para la merienda pues.

Ciao y te esperamos :)