Friday, June 23, 2017

shopping as a sissy at Erotic Cabaret

Once again i was shopping at Erotic Cabaret, my favorite fetish store. I went there already dressed in a short pink sissy dress with white stockings with pretty pink bows and pretty high heels. Of course i wore a lovely bullet bra from Secret's in Lace for a lovely exaggerated bust line and a a matching open bottom girdle. As a sissy male, i love open bottom girdles with garters to hold up my stockings. i mustn't forget that beneath the girdle i had on a steel boned corset i bought on an earlier trip to the store. It gave me such a nice shape over which the pink sissy dress and frilly petticoat sat. One must not forget i was wearing pink and white ruffled panties too. About half the items i was wearing i had purchased at Erotic Cabaret on previous occasions.


A young salesman helped me and he was so great with the service he provided. i told him i needed a pink leash to attach to my collar so that a Dom can lead me around when needed. He showed me several and we discussed the pros and cons of each. But when he showed me the matching pink collar to one of them, i was sold on that one. He approved and said it was his favorite choice too.

So then i told the young man that Master wanted me to get a school girl outfit. He didn't blink an eye when  i let on i was a submissive. He wasn't shocked at all. He led me to a selection of several. i said it needed the classic school girl outfit. We found the style that Sir had selected and they had it in my size. 

Nearby were wigs. I couldn't find my old pinkish sissy wig and was looking at the wig selection. The young salesman was most observant and asked, "Do you like the Lolita style wigs?" "Oh yes", i said, i even have a Lolita style dress but typically go more sissy style. He said, "I have one in the back that is a pink and blond combo. Would you like me to show you?" Oh i was in heaven. 

You can see my purchases in the pictures here. I bought the Lolita wig, the pink leash with matching pink collar, and the school girl outfit. Everything else i had on when i arrived. I asked the sales guy to snap a few pics for me and i decided to wear the wig and collar home. i felt wonderful.

The amount of hair on the Lolita wig was so overwhelming that i think my IQ dropped 20 points when i put it on. Of course as a submissive sissy that is a good thing. It also makes me feel so sissyish and my desire to be ever more submissive and over the top effeminate increased immensely.


Katie said...

I'm so glad you're writing again! I've followed you for so many years..

Pink Curls said...

Hi Gina:

You look so cute. I wish that I had pretty sissy dresses like you have.
I would love to wear a sissy dress to the mall while shopping.

Looking forward to your next post.

Pink Curls

michellesfpw said...

Hi Sissy Gina, hope You r well. So nice to see you again writing. Hope Your relationship with Master is still going well. You continue to develop as the most girlie girl sissy. You are an honor and inspiration to all of us sissies :) xoxo sissy michelle :)