Friday, June 23, 2017

Bettie Page Style Vintage Lingerie

This is an old post that was never finished. So I am adding it now. The pictures are just as nice as when I bought this lovely vintage lingerie.

Well, I just received my order from Secrets in Lace where I ordered some Bettie Page style vintage lingerie. I got a bullet bra and a long line open bottom girdle with 6 garters and some nice stockings. It is all in a leopard print. When it came in the mail today, I just had to put it on right away and take some photos, a few of which I attach here. It is difficult to do pin-up style poses with a 10 second timer, so I will have to add those another time.

This is my first vintage style lingerie, but it certainly won't be my last. It is so darling. I am so delighted with my purchase that I think I will wear the open bottom girdle to work tomorrow with some black stockings and black panties. I shall feel wonderful at work as the girdle snugly holds my body and keeps my stockings taut. This sissy found a new lingerie style, how about you?

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Pink Curls said...

Hi Gin:
I have missed your posts. Please update your blog more often. Please read my blog as I am updating it almost every day.

Pink Curls aka: Sissy Alice