Friday, April 29, 2016

Sissy handwriting assignment

A few weeks ago, my Beloved Master had me do a writing exercise. He wanted me to practice my girliest sissy handwriting style. To do the assignment, i had to wear my frilliest pink sissy dress with huge petticoats. My normal wearing of a corset and an open bottom girdle with two pair of stockings was also to be part of my attire. In addition i had to wear diapers while i did the assignment. i looked and felt like a prissy fairy and loved seeing myself like that. It is such a turn on for me to be so sissified.

For the writing assignment, i had to write, ”I love being a total sissy petwife and being owned by my darling Master Sam. I love wearing dresses and diapers and high heels all day, every day for Him.” And i needed to do it 100 times. It was required to put little hearts for all the periods and when i dotted an “i”. It was also required for me to do the whole written assignment in one sitting. Photos of me doing the assignment were also required.

As i wrote the words, i spoke them out loud so that i repeated the lovely words my Master had me write to improve my sissy handwriting. i did this for well over three and a half hours. Due to the length of my continuous assignment i soaked my diapers, but continued on with my assignment to follow my Master’s directives. The wetting of my diapers as I wrote added to my feelings of deep humiliation. My Master is such a sweetheart for training me to be a proper sissy. i also loved wearing my diapers and sissy dress to please and serve Him. All this made me feel so submissive. It made me feel as though i had no control. Thank You, Master Sam for making me a better sissy and for fostering my ever deepening sissification.

Here are some of my pictures that were part of my assignment. Note i was writing with a fluffy pink ball on the top of my pen. The last picture shows me on the floor with some of the many pages of writing my Master required of me.


Anonymous said...

bellissima e femmina molto curata e molto dolce un rosa confetto siam belle noi piccole trav molto femminili e sexy baci baci baci

Boobie Faggot said...

Dearest sissy gina,

i never really got the whole diaper thing, but your post makes it crystal clear. As sissies our entire focus needs to be on obeying the orders of our Masters. Any obstacle that takes away from our complete obedience must be removed, therefor being diapered is essential for a sissy completing prolonged task.

your Master Sam really is a expert at sissification. The way the assignment fuzes so many debasing acts together is so perfect. The repetition etching your humiliation deeper. The prolonged length constantly adding tension as you need to pee grows. The rustle of your ultra sissy dress constantly framing exactly how much of a sissified prissy you are.

The only think that would make it more perfect would be a video of you performing the assignment so that we can hear you read the words as you write them. How infectious such assignments would be :-)

Thank your Master Sam for allowing you to share your training, and thank you for being such an inspiration for us sissies looking for the courage to express our true natures.


Pink Curls said...

Hi Gina:

Thanks for sharing your Sissy activities with us. I have not updated my blog for a long time but I will now be updating it at least weekly.
I hope that you will read it, comment, suggest Sissy tasks for me to carry out in your honor.

Pink Curls

Sissy 29000 said...

Hey! You forgot to put an heart when you dotted "darling"!

michellesfpw said...

Dearest sissy gina,

Love, love, love girlfriend how You are so much being yourself. Lots of huggies, sissy fairy pantywaist michelle :)

Anonymous said...

Hi sissy gina, this is my first visit to your blog. I love the 'writing lines' assignment and the lovely little twists of dressing very femme, writing very gurly (what fun to be in that head-space), reading outloud as you work. I love that you have a 'Sir'. I started out drawn to fem dom but increasingly i want to be 'manhandled'. ^admiring, jealous sigh^ love to chat on hangouts or in email? I'm you can see my drawings of subbys and sissies at strictjuliespanks.blogspot too. ^gurly cheek kisses^ lill jo