Friday, April 29, 2016

New girdles for sissy gina

my Dear Master has given me the privilege of being girdled every day. He took me from an occasional girdle wearer to making girdles a part of my everyday lifestyle. This is what He wants and i submit to His desires on this. He especially likes me wearing open bottom girdles with garters to hold up the stockings i wear every day. He also wanted me to get a Rago all-in-one girdle too. It was becoming increasing apparent that since wearing girdles on a regular basis is now part of my lifestyle, i needed to buy more. i recently bought some new girdles from Secrets in Lace and some other items to go with them.

It pleases Sir to have me show off my new girdles that He has either allowed or directed me to buy. The pictures here are some of the items that i recently bought with Sir’s approval. Note the pink open bottomgirdle with black trim. With it, i purchased a matching bullet bra and garter belt.
The other purchase was a Rago all-in-one girdle with garters. This is super tight and very challenging to put on. Once on, it stays on unless one is going to do a total wardrobe change.

The third item is a full length open bottom girdle in red and black. It helps create a nice feminine shape especially since i am wearing a tight corset beneath.

Being girdled on such a regular basis, i am becoming so used to wearing them that i feel naked without them. i am now so pleased my Beloved Master has me wearing girdles regularly. i am beginning to really enjoy wearing them. i am wearing my new girdles with joy. i think i see more girdles in my wardrobe in my future.


Anonymous said...

sissy gina sei bellissima una sexy lingerie molto molto affasciante e le tue pose son molto femminili sei bellissima sempre e molto sorridente e felice baci baci baci

Pink Curls said...

Hi Gina:

I love your girdles. I want to get a Rago all in one like yours.

I also like to wear open bottom girdles.

Pink Curls

Pink Curls said...

Hi Gina:

It is me again, Pink Curls.

I am wearing my open bottom girdle again today.

I hope that you and anyone else that reads will visit my blog and leave comments and suggestions as to how I should dress when I go out in public in SISSY MODE.

Pink Curls

Anonymous said...

Gina Dear, I am so so glad for you. Would love to girdled like you every day!!!

Hugs and Kisses, Gigi boy

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Anonymous said...

how lovely,i too love girdles and i'm an effeminate male ..there are many more like us..