Sunday, January 03, 2016

Sir reinforces my image as a sissy male

In talking or writing to me and Sir now refers to me with a male pronoun. He said that he does not think of me as a male but as a sissy male who often pretends, quite successfully, to be a woman. i stay dressed girlie so much of the time that i sometimes get the illusion of being female, but Sir reminds me that i am not and will never be a woman. The best i can hope to achieve is to imitate a woman, but He is training me to stay focused on being a sissy male in mindset all the time. i am required to wear tight girdles and corsets, stockings, and diapers. These are feminine items which are outside the norm and the normal woman doesn’t wear. But such things are so fit for a sissy to wear. Being constantly addressed as a male while dolled-up provides a strong sense of humiliation for me. Sir never lets up on this either. So it looks like i am and will remain a sissy male, pantywaist sissyboi, and more. Since Sir is my Owner and Master, i must follow and learn to embrace this humiliating role. It isn’t what i want but it is what Sir wants and that is what counts.

i thank Sir for His direction and will endeavor to be a prissy effeminate sissy male as he directs.
Respectfully submitted,
sissy gina
uber girlie sissy male