Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Doing chores while cuffed and gagged

Sir has told me that I should do my day-to-day chores with a more submissive mindset as part of my training. As a result I am often directed to wear my wrist cuffs with a connecting 7” chain, collar, and a ball gag as I do household work. Of course this is layered on top of my other effeminate sissy attire. For example, today I am wearing my black sissy maid dress with white trim and a white petticoat. Beneath that I am wearing a black bra and panties and a heavily boned black corset that pulls in my waist quite a bit. Over the corset I wear an open bottom girdle with six garters that hold up my stockings. I am also wearing 4” black baby doll high heels as I work.

But the new rules that Sir has imposed upon me this that I should add wearing a collar, wrist cuffs with 7” chain connecting them, and a ball gag as I do my chores. He said he wanted this so that I would be more focused on my chores and to add to my humiliation as part of my sissy training. Today he even added that I should be wearing a butt plug as I do my chores. Dressed like this I looked at myself in the mirror and resigned myself to be the sissy that Sir desires me to be. While I do feel a wave of humiliation, I am also grateful for a strong man like Sir to lead me in my sissification.

The tight corset, the butt plug, collar, and ball gag all intensified my feelings of submission. I also had to set up a mirror and pass by it regularly as I worked to see myself, to see myself as the weak effeminate submissive sissy that I have become. Sir wanted me to do this so that it is firmly planted in all my senses.
When I started doing my chores I began to find out just how difficult it is to do things with my wrists restrained. I can’t spread my arms apart to pick up boxes or other large objects. Going to the bathroom and trying to hold up my petticoat with one hand and pulling down my panties with the other is such a challenge. Making the bed, vacuuming, and drying dishes can be done but are much slower as hands must stay together and not move independently. You would be surprise how you use your hands in a very independent and coordinated manner without thinking. Work is done at a much slower pace.

This gave me such feelings of frustration at not being able to do many of the tasks that are normally so easy. Yet, I am a sissy and am grateful to Sir for this lesson. Now every time I encounter a restriction due to my wrists being cuffed, I say to myself, “I am a sissy and I am grateful to Sir for His training to make me a better sissy.”


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Sissy Teri said...

it is good to be a grateful sissy