Saturday, October 24, 2015

Erotic Cabaret – sissy gina's favorite fetish store

I would like to share a wonderful fetish store in Houston where I get a lot of my sissy clothes and accessories. I want others to know this is a place where I go to buy erotic girly stuff in person and that it is a safe and supportive place for others as well. 

The staff are lovely always helpful. If you tell them something like, “Master had directed me to get…….”, it doesn’t faze them. They understand and they will be happy to help. This is a store for the straight and kinky, and the people that work there do appreciate the erotic side of one’s image.

I have been there in male business attire coming from work, dressed as an obvious male in women’s clothing, as a vanilla female, and in total over-the-top sissy mode. They were pleasant and helpful at all times.

I have bought the following items there and more: French maid dress, sissy dress/costume, petticoats, tight corset, stockings, sissy socks, shoes & boots, goth dress, vinyl dress, chastity device, butt plug, collar and matching cuffs. They are also kind enough to take a picture of me with my new purchases.

Here are a few of my photos while shopping at Erotic Cabaret on 3 different occasions. You can see me in one of the photos with Flocka from Erotic Cabaret. Just think, if someone from the store dresses like that, it has to be accepting of your erotic interests in clothes, accessories, and toys.

If you are in Houston, you should check them out.

The first two pictures are my most recent (2015), when I bought myself a nice new collar and cuffs. Flocka from Erotic Cabaret is in one of them. Just think, if she dresses like this for work, this must be an accepting environment.

You can see a picture of me here in sissy boi mode as well, and finally an older photo (2007) of me in sissy attire with the tagline, "Do these stockings match my dress?"
You should also know that the pink sissy dress I am wearing is sissy gina's signature look, and almost every item  I am wearing was bought at Erotic Cabaret; pink dress, petticoats, stockings, baby doll high heels, collar & cuffs, corset, pink & white ruffled panties, and maybe something else I missed.

Oh what an effeminate pantywaist sissy I am, and I going to keep shopping at Erotic Cabaret to buy clothes, shoes, and more so that I can continue to make that image a reality.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

A whiney sissy and the wisdom of Sir

This all started with Sir heaping assignment on top of assignment and some very challenging for a sissy like me. I started to whine a little about this. I know it is not proper for a sissy to do this, but I am weak and that is why I need a strong man to own and direct me. Then Sir wrote back and made me rethink and stop my whining. This is His response to my whining,

"Back to your first report from last night: This is not my first rodeo, as they say, and I am fully aware that the spiritual re-alignment you are undertaking has added many more tasks to your life and many more steps to your routine. Surprisingly, you seem to regard these additional activities with some negativity. You should instead approach each new task with joy, and embrace every part of your day that identifies you as a sissy. Being a sissy is not just the final product; it is also very much the process to get there. Every step of that process should deepen your satisfaction of who you are.

Every lace of the corset, every unfastening and fastening of your garters, every wearing of your diaper (and every time you use it), every extra thought you have to put into concealment--these are all your karma, your joy, your raison d'etre. Not a chore, not a duty--an opportunity, a privilege, the things that make you who you are.

Why is it a ritual just to pee (undoing and redoing your 6 garters each time)? Because you are a sissy.
Why do your loins sweat under plastic panties? Because you are a sissy.
Why do you wear a corset virtually 24/7? Because you are a sissy.
Why do you also wear high heels virtually 24/7? Because you are a sissy.
Why do you go out in the world, dressed in clothes and acting in ways that purposely humiliate you? Because you are a sissy.
Why does it take an extra hour to prepare yourself for your working day? Because you are a sissy.
Why do you follow the extreme instructions from a man like Me? Because you are a sissy.

Without undertaking all these things, without gratefully executing each and every one of the small tasks of becoming, you are just a man, and, from your own writings, a pretty useless one at that.”

These are indeed words of wisdom from my Owner who understands the important of rituals for a sissy and how a sissy should learn to accept her role. A sissy should accept each ritual, each sissy activity, each act of humiliation with gratitude and reverence to her Owner. For this wisdom and perspective, I am eternally grateful to Sir.

Photo shows sissy gina has paid attention to the details of her sissy attire for the day.