Friday, September 25, 2015

My sissy attire for work

In the past, i had a routine of wearing panties, garter belt, and stockings under my male work attire every day. i made a commitment to do this on my blog. However, like many other sissies, i am weak and failed to fully keep that commitment on a regular basis. i did it often but not all the time. Now being under control of a strong dominant man, i am once again able to keep to this commitment. However, my Owner was not content for me to only keep my old commitments. Following my acquiescence to His authority, He quickly told me that i was to wear a corset to work every day along with a girdle and not one, but two pairs of stockings. i was shocked and overwhelmed. What a huge leap in girlie attire i am to wear at work.

How was i going to be so trussed up like this at work every day? How was i going to feel at work like this? I considered wearing something like this on a rare occasion when I did this on my own, but every day? That first morning i was to dress like this for work, i did as i was instructed. i put on a 6-strap garter belt and stockings, over which i put my corset. Next came an open bottom girdle with 6 garters attached to another pair of stockings. While dressed like that in my sissy lingerie, i looked at myself in the mirror and told myself. “This shows what i really am. i am a sissy male and i am going to listen to my Owner and do as he says.” The anxiety of dressing like this was huge but i did it anyway. A self realization also came over me that i liked how i looked in all this tight lingerie. Deep down, i know this was something i really wanted, something I really needed. i really like it a lot. What a pansy i am.

One of the issues that arise from being dressed like this, is that in order to use the bathroom, i have to go into a stall, undo the 6 garters of my open bottom girdle, and pull up my girdle to be able to pull down my panties to use the toilet. Afterwards, i have to refasten the 6 garters of my girdle to my outer pair of stockings. This is a humbling experience since it takes so long, as i hear real men come and go quickly using the urinal. It just reinforces what a pansy i am.

Being in this tightwear every day, even in the hot Houston summer, is both humbling and humiliating. i have been diligently doing this as instructed by my Owner and reporting to Him daily. Just as i was starting to overcome my anxiety a bit on this, Sir changed the rules! Of course this is totally His prerogative, but it completely took me off guard.

Sir told me that i was going to have to wear diapers to work at least once a week. i was shocked. i was scared. My anxiety level shot up further than before. Never had i worn diapers to work nor had i had the desire to do so. But now it was going to happen. i was going to wear diapers to work. So now, once a week, in addition to the corset, girdle, and two pair of stockings, i have to wear a thick padded diaper with a soaker pad and plastic panties as well. With the open bottom girdle over the diapers, my profile is smoothed a little. However, i remain highly apprehensive as the bulk of the diaper is not fully obscured. i was told to get a Rago girdle that is tight and more fully covers my thick diapers. i have ordered it. Hopefully that will help hide the heavy bulbous diapers but still having very heavy anxiety over this.

This is now part of my new sissy lifestyle. Sir wants me to publically acknowledge the submission and humiliation that i must endure. I know He does this for my own good and i am grateful for His attention to my sissification.

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