Monday, August 24, 2015

Verbal characterization of a sissy

I find the words sissy, pansy, fairy, pantywaist, sissyboi, sissy gurl, sissy girl, sissy faggot, prissy, and many others as very emotionally charged. They all evoke a deep feeling when someone calls me one of those names. However, I do not get a negative feeling when someone calls me a pantywaist sissyboi or a prissy faggot. In fact I like them. It thrills me to be called these names. It excites me. It excites me a lot.

In society these are negatively charged names and down-right insulting to people. So why do they appeal to me? Why do I get excited when I am called one of these sissy names? That is a challenging question. I think that it piques my submissive feelings, those that touch upon my kinky nature as an effeminate sissified male. They also bring forth feelings of submission and humiliation which I also find powerful. I am sure there are some deep psychological answers, but for me it is about the feelings these words bring out in me. No matter what the rationale, I like being called these names and deeply embrace them. It gives me a twinge of excitement when someone calls me these names. Yes I, sissy gina, am a pansy, and effeminate sissyboi, a sissy faggot, and so much more. It is who I am and who I want to be.


sissy_brittany said...

omg I love being called those names also. I don't ever take it as a negative. Being called a sissy or sissy faggot or pansy etc. is totally correct so I don't mind

michellesfpw said...

hi sissy gina, i love the sound of hearing i am such a sissy fairy pantywaist, a girlie little queer, a pansy, limped, clitty sissy tinkerbell. completely totally emasculated. completely totally a prissy feminized sissy pantywaist. You are all of these things sissy gina and more. how i admire u and love to follow u as an inspiration. still trying to locate the post of u and your sissy girlfriend/mistress. thought that was a wonderful post. i love how demure u both are. would love to share silky hairless skin :) kisses xoxo