Monday, August 24, 2015

Going shopping as a sissy

Here i am, sissy gina, shopping in sissy mode. Note i am wearing a pretty pink collar. In addition, my necklace says 'prissy sissy'. Notice the style of purse i am carrying. It is shaped somewhat like a high heel. Also notice i am wearing various buttons on my purse and dress. They are all various types of buttons declaring that i am a sissy. With all the buttons, necklace, and sissy attire, i wanted to make sure the point came across to everyone that i am a real sissy. i hope that point comes across. i am sure that point came across to anyone who saw me.

Well i was looking to see what kinds of new sissy treasures i needed in this shop. i found a new butt plug. Friends said i needed a larger one and it is so true. So now I get a fuller feeling. When i am wearing a very tight, heavily boned corset, a nice butt plug and very high heels, i get a warm constrictive feeling and the intensity of all these items puts me in a very effeminate and submissive frame of mind.

i made several purchases here and the salesgirl was nice enough to take of few pictures of me. She was so sweet. i will have to go back to see what new things they have another time.

Verbal characterization of a sissy

I find the words sissy, pansy, fairy, pantywaist, sissyboi, sissy gurl, sissy girl, sissy faggot, prissy, and many others as very emotionally charged. They all evoke a deep feeling when someone calls me one of those names. However, I do not get a negative feeling when someone calls me a pantywaist sissyboi or a prissy faggot. In fact I like them. It thrills me to be called these names. It excites me. It excites me a lot.

In society these are negatively charged names and down-right insulting to people. So why do they appeal to me? Why do I get excited when I am called one of these sissy names? That is a challenging question. I think that it piques my submissive feelings, those that touch upon my kinky nature as an effeminate sissified male. They also bring forth feelings of submission and humiliation which I also find powerful. I am sure there are some deep psychological answers, but for me it is about the feelings these words bring out in me. No matter what the rationale, I like being called these names and deeply embrace them. It gives me a twinge of excitement when someone calls me these names. Yes I, sissy gina, am a pansy, and effeminate sissyboi, a sissy faggot, and so much more. It is who I am and who I want to be.