Saturday, November 29, 2014

Blog post for sissy assignment 2 completion – sissyboi assignment

i was so proud and pleased when i completed assignment 2. Of course there was huge apprehension but i went to Erotic Cabaret first to get in the mood. You should know that i was wearing two pink garter belts with two pair of stockings, pink ruffled panties, pink capris, a black "Pricilla Queen of the Desert" t-shirt, and 5' high heels. In addition, a white watch, a "Prissy Sissy" necklace, and pink bracelet. i was dressed totally faggy. i felt like a total fairy but it didn't matter. i did as i was instructed and completed the assignment as i knew i must. Of course I did not wear a wig or a bra so I would be more easily recognizable as a male in girlie attire.

At Erotic Cabaret was a cute young girl that offered me help. At first i just looked at stockings because i needed to buy some thigh highs for some alternate layering of hose suggestions. Then i went to look at the corsets. i told her that i bought two last week and was wearing one of them now. i noted that they didn't have anymore corsets like the one i was wearing in my size. We discussed sizing and i said maybe i should be wearing a smaller size. i showed her how much my corset was pulled in and she said there isn't much more room to pull it in. "Are you going for waist control?" she asked. i said "Yes, Daddy is training me to be an effeminate sissy male and He has me wearing corsets and stockings all the time now." She asked, "Are you a babygirl?" i said "No, i am a sissy male and Daddy is training me to be more effeminate. He is pushing me but, i am submissive by nature and like being an effeminate sissy". She said, "So it doesn't take much pushing then." "Not at all", i replied, "i really like it." It was somewhat difficult to say that, to confess so freely and openly my sissy status. However, i was in a such a sissy state of mind from being dressed so femmy that i was totally open with the salesgirl.

Nearby, i saw some cute new shoes. They had pink sparkly closed toe shoes with 5' high heels and ribbon ties. They were way too tight and didn't have anything in a larger size.  Next i tried on a pair of pink and black high heels also with 5" heels. i tried on my usual size but this time they were too big and didn't have a size to fit. i told the salesgirl, i really wanted to get a pair of new pink heels to please Daddy. i asked if she would take a few pictures of me with the heels to show i at least tried. She was happy to comply and said, "I hope He won't be angry with you for not finding the right high heels".

Next, the salesgirl and i went over to the toy section. She asked if i had many toys. i said "Not many but Daddy likes me wearing a plug sometimes". I also mentioned, "He hinted at additional plugs and perhaps a chastity device." She talked about some of their new toys the store received. i looked admiringly at a pair of pink leather cuffs with faux fur trim. There was a matching collar which i tried on. It had soft leather lining and it felt so good. It felt so right wearing a collar like that with a large ring for a chain or leash. i would feel so proud to be collared like that and led by a leash as an extreme sissy.

So i told the salesgirl that i would hold off on the smaller 26" corset until i wore my current 28" corset a while longer to see how it would go. i did buy four pair of thigh high stockings, including one that was from a vinyl type material. During that time i shared my submissive nature openly as an effeminate male. It felt good to be open with the salesgirl about that. I found it a bit humiliating but was so pleased to confess how much I liked wearing fetishistic girlie attire and being a submissive sissy who was being dominated by a superior man.

I also went to a Walgreen's and there was no one in the cosmetics department. That is so very rare. There is always someone there. i was going to tell the cosmetics gal that i was told i needed to buy some bright pink long wear lipstick. "And ask what type would look good on an effeminate male like me?" However, all i could get nearby was a male employee and just told him that i was so happy to find this color of lipstick. Would he take a picture of me so i could post it on my blog? He did this.

i do enjoy wearing women's attire and i realize how much i hate wearing male attire or portraying myself as a male. Being effeminate pleases me so much. It was an awkward experience but once again it pushed some limits that i am pleased to have breached. There is also a confession i have. When i was in Erotic Cabaret, i was so excited that a little bit of sissy goo leaked into my pink panties and through my pink capris. It was in a place that no one could see but i was afraid that i would leak more sissy goo without control and it would become noticeable. So now you know another way this experience affected me. i hope you are all pleased by my report. Oh how I love being a sissy and enjoyed being dressed totally faggy as an overtly effeminate male.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Blog post for sissy assignment 1 completion

I followed through and wore my layered lingerie 24/7 over the entire weekend, from Friday before work to Monday after work. It consisted of wearing panties, bra, tightly constricting corset, two garter belts holding up two pair of stockings, and high heels. I even had to wear all this to bed. There was other feminine outerwear over this, but the above was the minimum. A butt plug was also required often.
Trussed up so fully, it was somewhat difficult to initially get to sleep. My heart was beating quickly. As I lay in bed, i ran my hands up and down my body, I could feel how trussed up i was and it gave me a strange feeling, especially since I had never worn a corset and high heels to bed before.  It was hours before I could get to sleep since the sissy feelings were so strong. I resisted the temptation to cum in my panties and I finally fell asleep having some very strange dreams.
As the weekend continued i got more a more used to wearing the corset but could not bend at the waist to pick things up. i had bend at the knees all the time. On Sunday I wore a sleeveless dress to church. Of course i continued to wear the corset, stockings, and high heels. . This has not been easy at all. While i did get somewhat used to the discomfort of the corset, i was constantly reminded of the fact i was wearing one. The layering of the stockings was also a reminder of my unique situation. Wearing stockings and garters is very different than wearing pantyhose. At church i was constantly aware of how my dress was covering my stockings and garters. i needed to be careful not to let my stocking tops show. All this focused my attention. It seems such things could be a useful tool in keeping a sissy focused. What i have been wearing during the weekend was certainly not mainstream and i was reminded of that fact consistently throughout the weekend. It was awkward.

During the weekend, my mind remained a bit foggy and i had difficulty concentrating on tasks (i had to finish my taxes). Apparently this sissification is mentally very consuming, or at least distracting. Perhaps it is the intensity which is distracting. Perhaps this is distracting because it is out of the mainstream dressing and into fetishistic dressing. i must confess it does bring some eroticism to my daily life. It is a lot of work but i do like it. i can see that fetish and eroticism can be brought into a relationship subtly, behind the scenes as one enjoys the overt vanilla life.

There certainly was physical discomfort in my tightwear during my assignment. There is no doubt about it. It was difficult to take deep breaths, difficult to bend and maneuver effectively. It was not a situation which one could call comfortable. This has not been easy at all.

This assignment has provided a complex of different emotions from submissiveness and humiliation to confusion and eroticism. All in all, it has been a very positive experience. It could have been easy to take some shortcuts but i decided it was worth following through with all the requests. i now better realize understand the importance of a real man dominating a prissy effeminate sissy like me. In person i am certain the experience would have even been more intense, having me feeling even more submissive, humiliated, and erotically charged. As I mentioned earlier, i can also see how eroticism can lie beneath a vanilla lifestyle on a daily basis.

The tightwear weekend was most enlightening.. i totally love being an effeminate pansy,
it is really who i am. Being dressed in girlie attire of all sorts is the base of all my fetishes and kinks.