Friday, April 11, 2014

Two sissy assignments from Sir

Now Sir has given me two assignments which I must complete in the next few days

Sissy assignment 1: This weekend I am to wear stockings, garter belt, corset, and high heels 24/7 from the time I get home from work on Friday to the time I go back to work on Monday. That means I must even sleep in my corset, stockings, and high heels. Sir said that would help change my sissy thinking. I don’t know if it will be so, but I will obey Sir’s wishes and do as he directs. I will report on my feelings and the results of this assignment. It is Friday evening and I am attired in panties, bra, two garter belts holding up two pair of stockings, wearing a tight overbust corset, and high heels. Tomorrow I am going to the beauty salon to get my hair cut, colored, and styled as I do on a regular basis. But the difference is that tomorrow I will be all trussed up in layers of lingerie and constricting garments. Stay tuned for the assignment results.

Sissy assignment 2: When I went to Erotic Cabaret to buy stockings and corsets last Thursday, I went as a male but wearing stockings and high heels. Sir wanted me to do this with me as an obvious male but wearing only womens clothing and presenting a rather faggy male image. Due to a computer glitch I did not receive the email in time, so I have to redo the shopping assignment as a faggy male. I am also instructed to make three stops and linger to show off my faggy male status. It is required for me to wear a corset with two pairs of hose, girly jeans tucked into my high-heeled boots, a femme top, but no wig or bra so people would see me as a sissy male.  I should make at least 3 stops; a drug store, convenience store, and grocery store. Pictures are also expected. I have never done this before. I have gone out in select areas as a male in femme attire, but never so many mainstream places where I am to be seen, and never so overtly effeminate. This is scheduled for early next week. I am very apprehensive about this assignment. I am thinking a lot about where I am going to go and what I am going to say should anyone make a comment. Sir told me I should tell them that I am doing this to please my boyfriend. I will be an effeminate sissyboi in public and will be apprehensive, but I will comply with Sir's directions like a good sissyboi. I will report my results soon per Sir’s directions. I do hope Sir will be pleased.


Anonymous said...

I'm so very happy to see that you are posting again... you have one of my most favorite blogs and I love your posts.

Anonymous said...

Oh sissy gina it is so wonderful to see You writing again. i just love Your blog so much :) sissy michelle :)

Marcia said...

It is wonderful to see you posting agian, Gina. You are a beautiful sissy and I hope we can see a lot more of you and hear about your training.

All the best,



Alex said...


You need a man to go shopping with you, wouldn't it be to much fun to try on dresses and come out of the changing room and show your man hoe cute you are, you are very beautiful and I would love to get to know you.


secretnnsexy said...

I read your first two blogs and profile. You are definitely progressing to the submissive sissy that lay inside of you. The desire to please is your genuine nature so go with it. I am a True Dom, good looking, and loving going through some custody battles so I apologize for my lack of Public profile. now that that disclaimer is taken care of back to the business at hand. I normally don t comment on other worthies but darling your Master seems to be quite lacking. My advice is to seek out a true Dom to lead you one whom controls through love and power exchange. you need to continue to go forward