Friday, April 11, 2014

Getting back on track

I must confess that I have not upheld all the commitments I have made on this blog. It is hard to do when you are doing it on your own. Even a sissy gets lazy. However, a man now is helping me get back on track. A dominant man is just what I need to help me overcome my sissy weakness, someone strong to keep a firm hand on a prissy effeminate sissified male like me.

So this past week it started. Sir started by making sure I wear stockings and a garter belt to work every day. In fact He decided that I should be wearing two pair of stockings to work with garters to hold them up, in addition to my wearing panties as I have continued to do. He also decided that I am to wear a corset or girdle to work EVERY DAY under my male attire. This all represents a big upgrade to my lingerie dressing.

In order to wear a corset on a regular basis, I desperately needed more corsets to wear. So on Thursday I went to Erotic Cabaret after work in male work attire but wearing stockings and 5” high heels. I asked for help with the corsets and the young woman there was quite helpful. I tried on 2 corsets over my clothes in the middle of the store while perched on my high heels but obviously a male. I bought both corsets. Now since I have new instructions to wear two pairs of stockings every day, I figured I needed to buy more stockings, so I bought 8 additional pair. Now maybe I am ready.    
The past several days this has strongly affected my mindset during the work day. Sometimes it was hard to concentrate because the tight corset and constant tug of the two garter belts on my taut stockings is quite noticeable. However, I must confess that I deeply love wearing womens attire and find this both disconcerting and exciting.


Anonymous said...

i do but i need a master to make me his

Anonymous said...

You look good when will sir make love to you as a woman.