Saturday, June 16, 2012

Having a sissy pet

As I sit here all dolled up in my pretty pink sissy dress and frilly petticoat, I think back to when I was a child. As a young boy, I was not allowed to dress up as a pretty girl and have dolls to play with, and dress them up in cute little outfits. However,, now that I am a grown up sissy, I think it would be fun to have a grown up sissy doll. Now I am certainly in no way dominant, but think it would be fun to have a guy to dress up any way I wanted and to take pictures and parade him in public as my own dress-up doll.

But just how would I dress up my transvestite sissy doll?

I would dress my dolly boi in lots of pink and pastel shades. I would have him in girly shorts and a butterfly t-shirt. He would wear brightly colored patterned tights of stockings under his shorts. And of course he would wear 5’ high heels. First I would like to make sure my dolly boi remained recognized as a sissified male. He would always wear short masculine style hair with sideburns.

First let me say that I would be dressed as I am now, in a short little girl style dress with full petticoats and lots of bows and frills. Dressed like this we would both go shopping at the mall and hold hands as we walked. My dolly and I would stand out for sure anywhere we went. I would be in my sissy dress and my pet as a totally feminized male and recognizable as such.

Now this may be difficult for my dolly boi, being recognized as an effeminate male, but he will need to love the continued humiliation of the recognition. Almost any guy could fit this roll as my dress up doll because he would not need to pass as a girl and in fact I will be sure that the doesn’t.

I wouldn’t let him wear a bra or wig. It is important for everyone to know that my doll is an effeminate guy. I also want my sissy boi wearing some make-up and jewelry. And he should be wearing a pale pink nail polish too. He would be wearing over done jewelry and carry a pink purse.

I have some buttons that say “sissy” and “I like to wear panties”. He will wear these as well to be sure he gets full recognition of the pantywaist sissy fairy that he is. It would be such fun to be a sissy gurl with an feminized sissy male as my dress up doll.


Wendygrrl said...

Thank you for sharing...I'am going to have a crossdressing doll... {;o)

Anonymous said...

sissy gina...Pleaseee...I would love to be your sissy doll! How dreamy & so wonderful it would be to be your sissy boi doll in pastels & pinks! I would love to be so vulnerable & helpless for you...soo humiliating and embarrassing to be so effeminate, emasculated for all to see! Hugs! ditsee

Anonymous said...

ohhhh my TERRIBLY humiliating to be a mincing dolly-boi pet to such a very girly & femmed sissy !
fancy having to totter about ridiculously on heels in tiny pink hot-pants and lacey knee-highs...however one must say that dolly-boi's should be required to wear a lovely little junior-miss training bra under a very see-through and revealing top...

Anonymous said...

Hi sissy Gina! To be your sissy dress up doll would be heaven. Humiliating heaven that is. I might be jsut peerfect for being your sissy display toy. I would never be mistaken for a girl! It would be SOOO obvious that I'm a sissified male. So embarrassing, so humiliating, PERFECT!!

Goddess Gracie said...

It is my firm belief that all true sissies need to learn to play with dollies like good girls.

I also feel it is appropriate for a sissy to have a snuggly plush teddy bear (preferably pink and with a customized name embroidered onto it!) to cuddle up to so that they can feel safe and secure when they go to beddy-byes :)

Goddess Gracie xx said...

this sissy would LOVE to be your dolly.
Please if there is any chance of this coming true please email this sissy at
this sissy is free and can travel.
sissy would be happy to give you my phone numbe rso that we can make this come true for both of us.
sissy smootches.mellisa

Anonymous said...

Your scenario made my weenie drip. OMG What a heavenly experience that would be. Yum Yum

Anonymous said...


I have email you several times over the past few years, but this is the first time I have seen this topic. I have always wanted to learn from you, even better that we live in the same city. Sorry that I missed out as I know that you have a master now and probably no longer interested in a sissy doll.
Clara Ann