Thursday, December 01, 2011

Dressing as an effeminate male in public

Dressing en femme to jury duty. 
Sseveral months ago, I had to go for jury duty. I was in a real sissy frame of mind so I decided I would go dressed in women's clothing, although it would be somewhat unisex at first glance. I made no effort to hide that I was male (e.g. no wig or bra).  Of course I wore lingerie, panties, and a camisole. I also wore black womens slacks and a flower patterned blouse. On my feet I wore a women's patterned trouser socks and womens loafers. The look was rather femme but I liked it a lot, and I did enjoy knowing that I was wearing womens clothes the whole day. I didn't get selected so this was only a one day event. I wonder if wearing women's clothing could have been a reason for not getting selected or if they even noticed.

Shopping for male clothing in femme attire
Recently, I went to buy a pair of mens shoes for work. (I have over two dozen pair of womens shoes and only two mens shoes, and those are only for work). I went to the department shoe to try on mens shoes, dressed nominally male, but wearing only womens clothing. I wore a plain dark red silk blouse with black slacks, black hose with polka dots, and women's loafers (Franco Sarto shoes). I looked nominally male, but had the enjoyment of knowing that I had on only womens attire. So that I would feel even better, I wore a tightly laced corset with garters to hold up my stockings, and a camisole. It was so delightfully constricting and added to the joy of openly wearing female attire in public as a male. No one noticed, I think. No one said anything. Of course, if you want attention, please feel free to dress as overtly feminine as possible.

New rule: When shopping for male clothing, I now must go dressed totally in womens attire but remain an obvious male.  I am only allowed to shop while wearing womens attire from now on. This is my new rule. What are you going to do to be more sissy in pulbic?

We all need to dress in womens attire more often. I did it because I like to do it and I want you all to follow my example. Take a little step today.


Sissy Gray said...

Being a confirmed sissy I well understand the thrill of self embarrassment that comes from presenting oneself in public in a sissified state of attire, especially when the mannerisms projected only add to the consternation of those you meet, who must then confront their own confusions. I especially love it when I meet someone I know and confidently say hello in my normal voice, but then look down in a submissive manner so as to let them know that I know that they think I'm a sissy. I must say however from your pictures that if I looked as pretty as you do I'd probably ditch my sissy persona and put on the Ritz instead. Keep up the great site, your skirted admirer, Sissy Gray

Anonymous said...

Dear Gina,

I have been following you for years, and agree with whose who think that you are one of the sexiest sissies ever. While I love to see pictures of you in full femme wear, please also incluse pictures of you in slacks and blouse, as you described above. I too go out in public in 'stealth' mode, and would love to see you as you dressed for jury duty! Sometimes I find it even more exciting to see sissy males dressed in women's slacks, blouse, hosiery and shoes than fully dressed in a dress or blouse and skirt. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

i, too, often wear mostly women's attire in public--bra, panties, cami, pantyhose, women's slacks and flats plus a hint of blush, neutral eyeshadow and mascara. the only piece of male clothing being my shirt. i feel so wonderfully femme when i do this.

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Anonymous said...

I often go on walks dressed in
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