Friday, September 30, 2011

Some aspects of being a sissy

Psychological factors have a strong effect on our sissy desires. I have noted three different aspects that seem to pertain to us sissies. I believe we all have some amount of each, but some are more dominant than others depending upon the individual.

Fetish – This is where our focus is on dressing and being girlie as our predominant motivation

Humiliation – Humiliation be either public, private or both. One can feel the humiliation of being sissified even without anyone seeing them. Others enjoy being sissified in public.

Service – The first thing that comes to mind here is the role of maid, where one gets pleasure/satisfaction from the domestic duties one has to perform as a maid. Of course, it could also be service to sexually please a man or sexually pleasing others in general.

My preference is fetish. I love being dolled up and girlie. I love wearing erotic outfits in public and private. For me, humiliation and service are about equal, with humiliation coming in just above service. Fetish-1, Humiliation-2, Service-3.

So tell me, how do you range yourself with respect to fetish, humiliation, and service?  Sissy gina wants to know.


Anonymous said...

I am glad to see you posting again

We all miss Miss D, don't we Gina?

Miss D's flower gurl,

maid_katrin said...

Hi sissy gina, glad to see you are posting again :)

As for your question I must say that I second your opinion. Dressing as femmy as possible, sometimes even in utter sissy prissy mode, comes definitely first. Even though I like serving my Lady is not less important to me (and HER, of course).
Humiliation is something I do enjoy both in private and public but if I would have to set a range it comes after being a ture maid.

Hugs and kisses,


Chrisissy said...

I have to say that they are all very strong and I find it hard to select the most dominant trait. But if required to make a selection I would have to say:

But at any given time any of the traits could be first!

SissySasha said...

For me is fetish, then Service, and then humiliation. I love the thrill of getting dress as a girl, and looking as sexy as possible. I love it when man want me, desire me, and want to do me. That is the best feeling for me. I'm also 2/3 girl, but even at work I dress androgynous.

Clara Ann said...

I don't know if I would call my sissyness a fetish, it is more of a lifestyle. I work hard everyday to be more of a girl, a girl who loves ruffles. I go to the beauty shop every three weeks to get my hair done, my eyebrows waxed and I keep my nails done and polished. I always wear my MAC lip moisturizer (Fuchsia Fix) everyday and refresh it every time I eat or drink.

During the summer, I always wear shorts and a flowery print shirt just like a skirt and blouse. It is cold here today, but I am wearing my ruffled lacy sissy panties and white ruffled lacy socks under my blue jeans. I wear a brasserie everyday with out fail!

Hum? Humiliation? That only works if you are ashamed of who you are, I'm a sissy and it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks. Service? Well, I have taken care of my wife and daughters for years, so I don't think of doing for them as a service, I do it out of love! I might look like a man, but there is a little sissy girl underneath.

Sissy and lovin' it!


Anonymous said...

I recently stumbled upon your blog and wanted to let you know that you have a kindred spirit in NH. I can particularly identify with Robert whom you wrote about, as my former fiancée turned Mistress has also remade me in like manner, evolving me from all my former macho jock ways into an effeminate lover of all things submissively helpless. As such she gets her greatest thrill out of subjecting me to the public humiliation of being seen by all my former friends, sporting pals and business associates under the guise of my Sissy Gray persona. A constant coming out party if you will, which she has made all the more public via a two pronged program, which includes me being her personal secretary by day at the manufacturing business I first established in my Greg Roberts days, whilst at the same time taking her place as the hostess/cock-tail waitress (literally) by night at her brother's sports bar right down the street from my home. To make matters worse her brother Tommy is my former best friend, as well as my understudy when I was the captain of the local high school's varsity soccer team. I hope that you will take the time to respond to this letter of introduction, but in the meantime I encourage all to check out my pics and stories at which document my emasculation along the way. Simperingly yours, a fellow helpless and pathetic former macho male, who now finds himself forever chained to a life spent in Little Girl's Dresses and Tight Curly Tresses, Sissy Gray.

sbo said...

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Rachel said...

Loving your blog.
I've 4 seperate personalities (well nearly seperate) as my female self, although seperate is now starting to show up in my male self (and other way around).
Female self sometimes wants to be seen (mini or tights and knee boots), othertimes just as a casual girl going to movies, shopping, dinner etc.
I'm loving both sides of my life and wifes happy to see me happy.