Friday, September 30, 2011

Lingerie Layering

This morning getting dressed for work, I was trying to decide which hose and lingerie I would wear beneath my male work attire. I always wear panties, stockings and a garter belt, but sometimes I wear other items of lingerie as well. I first put on a new pairs of seamed beige stockings and a 10 garter, garter belt. The garters are wide and this particular garter belt is very noticeable to me throughout the work day. I looked in the mirror and liked what I saw. But what else could I wear today? I felt I needed to wear more. Over the other items, I slid on a pair of pink patterned thigh highs and they covered my garter clasps. But maybe I need something constrictive to wear today so I immediately reached for my heavily boned corset. I slid it on and cinched the laces so tight I could hardly breathe.  Oh that felt so good. I knew I would enjoy wearing that to work all day. This however, presented a problem. The corset had eight garters but would have been too loose if I attached them to the pink thigh highs. Instead, I slipped on a third pair of stockings, this one white, and attached the garters of the corset to them. I finished this off by putting on a lacey white camisole and two pair of pink panties, the first pair of panties was smooth nylon, and the second had rows of pink ruffles all over. Once again, I looked in the mirror and was delighted with what I saw. I was dolled up in lingerie and tightly constricted by a corset. It really is a delight to be such an effeminate sissy. I slid on my male work clothing knowing this would affect my attitude much of the day.

So off to work I went, wearing two pair of panties, a camisole, garter belt, corset, and three pair of stockings. The stockings were delightfully held up by a total of eighteen garters. How nice.

I don’t normally layer hose and lingerie, but remembered my younger days, when I did. Back then, I wore two full slips and two pair of panties to feel the silky smooth nylon fabric slide as I moved. Perhaps I should revive this fetishistic practice. Lingerie layering is certainly not how women dress. Only sissy males do this. But that is OK, because I like being a sissified male. I think I could enjoy indulging deeper into fetishistic crossdressing.

Now tell me, “Do you wear layers of lingerie? Tell sissy gina all about it.”

Some aspects of being a sissy

Psychological factors have a strong effect on our sissy desires. I have noted three different aspects that seem to pertain to us sissies. I believe we all have some amount of each, but some are more dominant than others depending upon the individual.

Fetish – This is where our focus is on dressing and being girlie as our predominant motivation

Humiliation – Humiliation be either public, private or both. One can feel the humiliation of being sissified even without anyone seeing them. Others enjoy being sissified in public.

Service – The first thing that comes to mind here is the role of maid, where one gets pleasure/satisfaction from the domestic duties one has to perform as a maid. Of course, it could also be service to sexually please a man or sexually pleasing others in general.

My preference is fetish. I love being dolled up and girlie. I love wearing erotic outfits in public and private. For me, humiliation and service are about equal, with humiliation coming in just above service. Fetish-1, Humiliation-2, Service-3.

So tell me, how do you range yourself with respect to fetish, humiliation, and service?  Sissy gina wants to know.