Thursday, December 01, 2011

Magazine Cover Gurl

These are some magazine covers with pictures of me on them. I think that they are so cute. I would love to have my pictures on the newsstand.

Dressing as an effeminate male in public

Dressing en femme to jury duty. 
Sseveral months ago, I had to go for jury duty. I was in a real sissy frame of mind so I decided I would go dressed in women's clothing, although it would be somewhat unisex at first glance. I made no effort to hide that I was male (e.g. no wig or bra).  Of course I wore lingerie, panties, and a camisole. I also wore black womens slacks and a flower patterned blouse. On my feet I wore a women's patterned trouser socks and womens loafers. The look was rather femme but I liked it a lot, and I did enjoy knowing that I was wearing womens clothes the whole day. I didn't get selected so this was only a one day event. I wonder if wearing women's clothing could have been a reason for not getting selected or if they even noticed.

Shopping for male clothing in femme attire
Recently, I went to buy a pair of mens shoes for work. (I have over two dozen pair of womens shoes and only two mens shoes, and those are only for work). I went to the department shoe to try on mens shoes, dressed nominally male, but wearing only womens clothing. I wore a plain dark red silk blouse with black slacks, black hose with polka dots, and women's loafers (Franco Sarto shoes). I looked nominally male, but had the enjoyment of knowing that I had on only womens attire. So that I would feel even better, I wore a tightly laced corset with garters to hold up my stockings, and a camisole. It was so delightfully constricting and added to the joy of openly wearing female attire in public as a male. No one noticed, I think. No one said anything. Of course, if you want attention, please feel free to dress as overtly feminine as possible.

New rule: When shopping for male clothing, I now must go dressed totally in womens attire but remain an obvious male.  I am only allowed to shop while wearing womens attire from now on. This is my new rule. What are you going to do to be more sissy in pulbic?

We all need to dress in womens attire more often. I did it because I like to do it and I want you all to follow my example. Take a little step today.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Lingerie Layering

This morning getting dressed for work, I was trying to decide which hose and lingerie I would wear beneath my male work attire. I always wear panties, stockings and a garter belt, but sometimes I wear other items of lingerie as well. I first put on a new pairs of seamed beige stockings and a 10 garter, garter belt. The garters are wide and this particular garter belt is very noticeable to me throughout the work day. I looked in the mirror and liked what I saw. But what else could I wear today? I felt I needed to wear more. Over the other items, I slid on a pair of pink patterned thigh highs and they covered my garter clasps. But maybe I need something constrictive to wear today so I immediately reached for my heavily boned corset. I slid it on and cinched the laces so tight I could hardly breathe.  Oh that felt so good. I knew I would enjoy wearing that to work all day. This however, presented a problem. The corset had eight garters but would have been too loose if I attached them to the pink thigh highs. Instead, I slipped on a third pair of stockings, this one white, and attached the garters of the corset to them. I finished this off by putting on a lacey white camisole and two pair of pink panties, the first pair of panties was smooth nylon, and the second had rows of pink ruffles all over. Once again, I looked in the mirror and was delighted with what I saw. I was dolled up in lingerie and tightly constricted by a corset. It really is a delight to be such an effeminate sissy. I slid on my male work clothing knowing this would affect my attitude much of the day.

So off to work I went, wearing two pair of panties, a camisole, garter belt, corset, and three pair of stockings. The stockings were delightfully held up by a total of eighteen garters. How nice.

I don’t normally layer hose and lingerie, but remembered my younger days, when I did. Back then, I wore two full slips and two pair of panties to feel the silky smooth nylon fabric slide as I moved. Perhaps I should revive this fetishistic practice. Lingerie layering is certainly not how women dress. Only sissy males do this. But that is OK, because I like being a sissified male. I think I could enjoy indulging deeper into fetishistic crossdressing.

Now tell me, “Do you wear layers of lingerie? Tell sissy gina all about it.”

Some aspects of being a sissy

Psychological factors have a strong effect on our sissy desires. I have noted three different aspects that seem to pertain to us sissies. I believe we all have some amount of each, but some are more dominant than others depending upon the individual.

Fetish – This is where our focus is on dressing and being girlie as our predominant motivation

Humiliation – Humiliation be either public, private or both. One can feel the humiliation of being sissified even without anyone seeing them. Others enjoy being sissified in public.

Service – The first thing that comes to mind here is the role of maid, where one gets pleasure/satisfaction from the domestic duties one has to perform as a maid. Of course, it could also be service to sexually please a man or sexually pleasing others in general.

My preference is fetish. I love being dolled up and girlie. I love wearing erotic outfits in public and private. For me, humiliation and service are about equal, with humiliation coming in just above service. Fetish-1, Humiliation-2, Service-3.

So tell me, how do you range yourself with respect to fetish, humiliation, and service?  Sissy gina wants to know.

Monday, January 10, 2011

sissy gina's vintage style lingerie

Well, I just received my new Bettie page style vintage lingerie form Secrets in Lace. I bought a bullet bra and a long line open bottom girdle with 6 garters, all in a leopard print. And I bought some lovely stockings to go with it. When the lingerie arrived, I just had to try it on immediately and take some pictures, a few of which I post here. This is my first vintage style lingerie, but it won't be my last. This is very different from my usually lingerie style, but a sissy must diversify when something pretty comes along.

I am so delighted with my purchase, that I think I will wear my new girdle to work tomorrow with a pair of sheer black stockings and black panties. The girdle will provide such a snug fit and the garters will keep my stockings nice and taut. It will undoubtedly make me feel divine as I work.