Friday, December 31, 2010

New Years Resolutions

Dear sissies, it is now the New Year and time to make resolutions to progress our feminization and sissification. Earlier in the year I decided that I would be wearing stockings and a garter belt to work in addition to panties and womens socks. This year I plan to focus more on waist control. While I am fairly slender, I still want to lose a few pounds to look more femme. So I will also increase the time at work when I wear a waist cincher or corset. Also, I love the feeling of tight restrictive feminine garments and realize that I should wear such clothing more often. To help accomplish this, just yesterday I went lingerie shopping at the mall and bought several additional waist cinchers. When added to the ones I have, I will be better able to feel the tight restricting hold of feminine lingerie as I work. This constriction along with the tug of my garters holding my stockings taut, will keep me reminded of my submissive sissy status. What are you going to do this year to increase your sissy mindset?


Anonymous said...

I plan to stay locked in the chastity device more. I've proven to my keyholder that I can do a week locked, we plan to start trying to push that.

And, of course, now that I have an epilady, I can keep my legs smooth.

Anonymous said...

Hi Gina Honey,

I love the restrictive clothes too. I find a tight pair of panties along with control top pantyhose compresses my tiny balls and clitty with just the right resriction as to cause a little pain all day.

Kisses, Michelle

Sarah St. Claire said...

Like you, I want to focus on my figure but I will also finish having my facial hair removed. For the figure, I have started a lower calorie diet that includes a whole bunch of powered fiber (which will cause much of my food to pass through me very quickly). My goal is to drop from my current 180 lbs to 160 lbs by summer. As far as the facial hair goes, most of my face is now clear but I still have some hair left on the lower lip and chin. Hopefully, after a half dozen or so more treatments, I can go onto a "maintenance schedule."

JA said...

Happy 2011, Gina. Thank you for being brave. You are very very beautiful.

Anonymous said...

dear Gina
forgive me as I know this is a bit off-topic but I know you were a follower of tinkerbellcandi's blog.
can you get access to it or has it just gone ? ( shame if so ! )

Clara Ann said...

Hi, Gina,

Do you wear men's outer clothing at work?

Clara Ann

sissy gina said...

A comment about tinkerbellcandi's blog. She had her blog access set wrong and it is now available to view again.

sissy gina said...

Clara Ann,
I do wear male outer clothing at work. In fact those are the only times I wear male clothing and the only style. All other clothing I wear is femme. I can't wait for the time I can go 100% femme.

sissy becky said...

I apologize for being absent from your lovely blog, gina, but your resolutions are right on for a lovely sissy like you. And congrats on the sexy Betty Page Leopard undergarments. I am jealous. The Secrets in Lace lingerie is so lovely, sexy and femme. See you at Tagged too. kisses