Saturday, August 14, 2010

More sissy shopping - changing a goth dress to a sissy style

Well, I decided I needed a new sissy dress, and I like to buy clothes in person to try them on, so I trotted off in a pair of 5" heels to one of my local fetish stores, Erotic Cabaret. They didn't really have what I wanted but I tried on a few cute girly outfits. I tried on a goth style dress in black, and asked the sales girl about the fit. She said it is an unusual fit. To me it seemed rather high waisted, and it laced up the back, and it certainly didn't fit the sissy style I wanted. But then I had an idea. I strode out of the dressing room in the short black goth dress and asked the salesgirl if she would get down a pink petticoat for me. I put it on with the dress and I liked the look. I already had a lot of pink accessories and decided if I could buy a few more accessories in pink, that I could have a nice pink and black outfit. So I bought a pink bracelet, pink eye shadow to go with the dress and petticoat. I already owned 5" pink high heels, pink collar and some other items. Pink nail polish and lipstick from the drug store completed the outfit. So I took a goth dress and made it into a sissy dress. Tell me if you think I did OK and tell me if there are any other things I can do to make the sissy look even more over-the-top femme.