Friday, July 23, 2010

Sissy shopping

sissy shopping at DareWare
Last night I went shopping to four stores in my pink sissy dress looking for a white garter belt with eight garters. I didn't find one but told all the sales people what I was looking for. When I left and didn't find the garter belt, I told each of them, "Thank you but I didn't find the garter belt I was looking for. Mistress is going to be very angry with me."

At DareWare I bought a butt plug, and a pink restraint kit. When I bought the items I told the salesgirl that, "Mistress wanted me to buy these items that were going to be used on me. Would you please take a few pictures to show that I have complied with her wishes?" Since the girl there knows me as a regular, she was happy to comply. A Mistress didn't tell me to do this but I thought it was an interesting thing to say and clearly marked me as not only a sissy but a submissive one. I also bought stockings and told her that "I needed these three new pair of new stockings since I have to wear stockings and a garter belt every day. The garter belts you have with four garters are too plain. I want one with eight garters, it is more erotic."

When I am out as a sissy, I feel I should not hide or cringe. I need to be up front with the fact that I am a pantywaist sissy. I need to go more places dressed as a sissy. In my over-the-top sissy attire, I mostly go to do shopping at fetish stores and to gay bars, but really feel I should portray myself as a sissy at other times as well, and am open to suggestions from my readers. Ideally I would love to go out with another similarly dressed sissy. I think that would be much more fun and we would probably be open to being more adventuresome. I love dressing like a prissy little fairy in public and feel so good when displaying myself in such a feminine and erotic way. When going out last night I got a lot of stares, and I do mean stares, which I think is good. Sissies are made to be on display and to please.

The attached pictures were taken last night at DareWare. In the first picture, you can see I am holding my new butt plug and pink restraint kit. In the second, you should note the cute pink purse I bought on a previous trip to DareWare. It is in the shape of a pink high heeled boot, and I think it is such a sweet sissy accessory.


sissycrissi said...

You look absoutely lovely. I just love your dress, and your heels are so pretty. And that purse -- just darling!

I wish I could go out with you . . .


sissy faggot said...

how adorable. out in public as you are.. it does truly take balls to be a sissy faggot. you pull it off very well. and that purse? so sissy!

Dark Heathyr said...

You are an absolute doll, hon. Not sure which I like better - the purse or the heels. Okay, it's the heels. :)

I admire (and envy!) your courage. Keep it up . . . you make us other sissies proud.

Anonymous said...

Your site makes me very excited every time I visit.You are so sexy,and are always stepping up, why don't you wear more revealing lingerie or just stockings, garter belt and high heels. I would love to hear yur answer.

Sissy Chrissie said...

Great purse, sweetie...and lovely sentiment. One day I hope we'll get to shop together. We'd be awesome...

sissy gina said...

Dear Anonymous,
I don't wear more revealing lingerie because I have such a lingerie fetish and want to show myself in panties, bar, stockings, garter belt and waist cincher or corset with high heels. I like to be just a bit modest but sexy and enticing at the same time. Just a personal style I guess. Maybe I should consider expanding my style.

Elaine Margane said...

Hi Gina,

You look fabulous. So prim and dainty, a confection in ruffles, frilly lace and pink. I also love your pretty hairstyle with cute bangs in front. I have a serious weakness for fuchsia and your sexy 5" fuschia ankle strap sandals with matching fuchsia garter are deliciously feminine, worn with sheer black nylons on your shapely legs.

I would die to be your diminutive height and size. You also write very well. We share so many feminine instincts and interests, although I haven't ventured into the exotic and tantalizing sissy experience as you have. Our fantasies are remarkably similar, and now I am more than curious.

Would you consider a request? I would love to see you wearing classic sheer flat knit RHT or full fashioned nylon stockings by Cervin (their 15 denier Capri), Gio, Eleganti, Secrets In Lace, the Dita Von Teese Signature Collection, Ars-Vivendi, Magnolia Hosiery, and a few others. Heel styles that I like in classic ff stockings (and I think you would too) are the Cuban heel, point heel and Manhattan heel. You already have 6 and 8-strap garter belts, girdles, basques and waist cinchers with metal garters. Classic flat knit nylons would be their perfect complement and they feel oooh so slinky and feminine. I frequently must wear them to bed under my negligees, sheer full-cut panties by Vanity Fair, and sometimes (but not always) a lace bra. :-)

I am fascinated by your sissy philosophy and rules, as well as your wonderful success in public.


Elaine Margane