Friday, July 23, 2010

Sissy shopping

sissy shopping at DareWare
Last night I went shopping to four stores in my pink sissy dress looking for a white garter belt with eight garters. I didn't find one but told all the sales people what I was looking for. When I left and didn't find the garter belt, I told each of them, "Thank you but I didn't find the garter belt I was looking for. Mistress is going to be very angry with me."

At DareWare I bought a butt plug, and a pink restraint kit. When I bought the items I told the salesgirl that, "Mistress wanted me to buy these items that were going to be used on me. Would you please take a few pictures to show that I have complied with her wishes?" Since the girl there knows me as a regular, she was happy to comply. A Mistress didn't tell me to do this but I thought it was an interesting thing to say and clearly marked me as not only a sissy but a submissive one. I also bought stockings and told her that "I needed these three new pair of new stockings since I have to wear stockings and a garter belt every day. The garter belts you have with four garters are too plain. I want one with eight garters, it is more erotic."

When I am out as a sissy, I feel I should not hide or cringe. I need to be up front with the fact that I am a pantywaist sissy. I need to go more places dressed as a sissy. In my over-the-top sissy attire, I mostly go to do shopping at fetish stores and to gay bars, but really feel I should portray myself as a sissy at other times as well, and am open to suggestions from my readers. Ideally I would love to go out with another similarly dressed sissy. I think that would be much more fun and we would probably be open to being more adventuresome. I love dressing like a prissy little fairy in public and feel so good when displaying myself in such a feminine and erotic way. When going out last night I got a lot of stares, and I do mean stares, which I think is good. Sissies are made to be on display and to please.

The attached pictures were taken last night at DareWare. In the first picture, you can see I am holding my new butt plug and pink restraint kit. In the second, you should note the cute pink purse I bought on a previous trip to DareWare. It is in the shape of a pink high heeled boot, and I think it is such a sweet sissy accessory.