Saturday, June 12, 2010

Sissy lipstick

Sissy lipstick
As a sissy, I find it helpful to wear a long wear lipstick so my lips stay nice and girly. I use CoverGirl "Outlast" lipstick. It stays on all day and does not come off when you eat, kiss, etc. It was terrible when I had to constantly replace my lipstick. It wasn't the constant application that was a problem, but the fact that sometimes I did not look my most feminine best. Surely some of you enjoy leaving a red or pink lipstick ring around a man's hard cock. But I think it is better to keep your lips a pretty red at all times. A sissy should always look good, especially for a man.

Other companies make similar kinds of lipstick (such as Revlon's "ColorStay") and I have tried several with comparable results. The lipstick doesn't come off easily, but if you put on some lip chap and wipe it off with a tissue, repeating this a few times, it will come off.

There is also a new kind of long wear lipstick by CoverGirl called a lip stain. I haven't yet tried this but I bet if works great too. Any of you sissies effeminate and prissy enough to try this lip stain and report back how it works?

So my sissy girlfriends, try some long wear sissy lipstick. It keeps you looking your femme best all day or night.


Anonymous said...

I can appreciate how you want your lips to look your feminine best at all times, I think most of us girls do. My personal preference is Avon's Beyond Color plumping lip color lipstick. I just love the little lift it gives my lips and how soft they feel.

As for leaving lipstick stains, well sweetie just call me a bitch because I have left lipstick stains on more then one white collar.

Anonymous said...


l am a sissy cock sucker and was really wondering which long lasting / punishing lipstick etc you would recommend esp for blow jobs....My Mistress wants me to buy one that will not come off very easily...sort of a humilation also as l have a professional day job...Sissy Shona

Anonymous said...

Hello sissy Gina:

When I first began to experiment in, (what is now an obsession), slipping into ladies personal objects, namely mom's high heels and her wonderful shades of lipstick, I had the misfortune of applying a heavy coat of a vivid red lipstick, namely Coty 24. I kept passing that Coty 24 to my upper and lower lips, stopping to blot like my Mom did, then reapplying, blotting, and reapplying all while I watched my sissy self in the bathroom mirror. Now it wasn't my Mom's lipstick. I saved some money, didn't need a lot in those days, and mustered up the courage to purchase it a a local drug store. I'll tell you sissy Gina, I had a heck of a time removing that lipstick, or should I say the stain that it left on my lips. The lipstick itself came off easily, but it left a powerful stain on my lips. This lipstick is no longer available in stores, but I did purchase 2 beautiful reds on Ebay. I have yet to try spreading them on my lips for fear I will not be able to remove the stain. I'm hopping to find a Mistress so I can tell her about this lipstick and have her insist I apply this lipstick under her guidence and watchful eye.

Bye: Sissy Emily

kimmie said...

i love shades of pink lipstick

Anonymous said...

I want my red lips to leave a pretty ring on a cock. Long-lasting lipstick? Oh no. I prefer to apply it right before and right after a nice BJ!

Anonymous said...

No problem, as I see it. Put a nice heavy coat of regular lipstick over your long lasting brand just before drawing that beautiful cock into your warm, moist mouth.