Saturday, June 12, 2010

sissy gina's attire rules

sissy gina's attire rules

When not at work:
I wear only women's attire. I dress, act, and live as a girl. More than half the time I wear high heels to keep my feet in good condition and to remind myself I am a pantywaist. Often I wear women's jeans and a nice top, but I need to work harder at wearing a skirt more often. Sissies wear skirts.

When I am at work:
1. I may only wear men's outer attire, and must wear only women's attire beneath.
2. To work I must wear panties, garter belt with stockings, and women's socks. The garter belt and stockings are a new permanent addition and I have done this continuously for over six weeks. Often I do not feel like donning stockings and garter belt in the morning. But the nice thing about developing new habits is that you don't have to think about it too much and just do it instinctively. I am also trying to more wear a waist cincher or corset more regularly too. Maybe this will become the next item to wear all the time.
3. I must wear at least as many items of women's attire as men's, no exceptions. So if I need to wear a man's coat and tie on occasion, I must add additional feminine items such as a camisole, waist cincher, or corset to fit the rule.

To bed:
I must wear panties, bra, and nightgown every night.

I must keep my toe nails polished a pretty red at all times. This is especially important in the summer because I now often wear open toed high heeled sandals nearly all the time so my pretty polished toe nails show.

These rules are to insure my feminization and sissification. The continuous wearing of multiple items of feminine attire reinforces my sissy feelings.


Anonymous said...

wow, i'm new to your blog and site, but already love it.
i would love to know what your profession for me this is the most difficult part to be feminised...
thank you and keep blogging..
catherine from Belgium

Shirleyqueen said...

How inspirational for you. TO be fully dressed under your male clothes is a powerful message to yourself that you are really a sissy girl. Those submissive feelings can therefore never go away. Hugs,

Shirley xxx

Mens swimwear said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi sweetie I have been a sissy for many years. I am now 24/7.
You should try wearing a bra daily even to work. Once you do it several times it will become second nature. Also pantyhose are nice to wear sometimes for a change from garter and stockings.
Something that will really help remind you of your feminine is to mark a calender for a year with 7 days that will be your period days. You must not allow yourself any sexual release and remember to change your napkin or Tampon regularly.

sissy becky said...

I love your blog and you are an inspiration to many sissies. Wearing lingerie full time, even to bed is great. Do you have special panties and bra for bedtime or are they the same as daytime wear? I also have my period once a month - always the third week from Sunday to Saturday. I have been inspired and assisted by in many of my sissy behaviors.

seo crossing said...

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London Dominatrix

I have been viewing your blog and your hypno files for many months and now I feel weak without something to increase my desire to be a sissy.