Saturday, June 12, 2010

sissy gina's attire rules

sissy gina's attire rules

When not at work:
I wear only women's attire. I dress, act, and live as a girl. More than half the time I wear high heels to keep my feet in good condition and to remind myself I am a pantywaist. Often I wear women's jeans and a nice top, but I need to work harder at wearing a skirt more often. Sissies wear skirts.

When I am at work:
1. I may only wear men's outer attire, and must wear only women's attire beneath.
2. To work I must wear panties, garter belt with stockings, and women's socks. The garter belt and stockings are a new permanent addition and I have done this continuously for over six weeks. Often I do not feel like donning stockings and garter belt in the morning. But the nice thing about developing new habits is that you don't have to think about it too much and just do it instinctively. I am also trying to more wear a waist cincher or corset more regularly too. Maybe this will become the next item to wear all the time.
3. I must wear at least as many items of women's attire as men's, no exceptions. So if I need to wear a man's coat and tie on occasion, I must add additional feminine items such as a camisole, waist cincher, or corset to fit the rule.

To bed:
I must wear panties, bra, and nightgown every night.

I must keep my toe nails polished a pretty red at all times. This is especially important in the summer because I now often wear open toed high heeled sandals nearly all the time so my pretty polished toe nails show.

These rules are to insure my feminization and sissification. The continuous wearing of multiple items of feminine attire reinforces my sissy feelings.

Sissy lipstick

Sissy lipstick
As a sissy, I find it helpful to wear a long wear lipstick so my lips stay nice and girly. I use CoverGirl "Outlast" lipstick. It stays on all day and does not come off when you eat, kiss, etc. It was terrible when I had to constantly replace my lipstick. It wasn't the constant application that was a problem, but the fact that sometimes I did not look my most feminine best. Surely some of you enjoy leaving a red or pink lipstick ring around a man's hard cock. But I think it is better to keep your lips a pretty red at all times. A sissy should always look good, especially for a man.

Other companies make similar kinds of lipstick (such as Revlon's "ColorStay") and I have tried several with comparable results. The lipstick doesn't come off easily, but if you put on some lip chap and wipe it off with a tissue, repeating this a few times, it will come off.

There is also a new kind of long wear lipstick by CoverGirl called a lip stain. I haven't yet tried this but I bet if works great too. Any of you sissies effeminate and prissy enough to try this lip stain and report back how it works?

So my sissy girlfriends, try some long wear sissy lipstick. It keeps you looking your femme best all day or night.