Friday, April 23, 2010

Wearing stockings and garters on a regular basis

Hi again, this is sissy gina, a femmy little pantywaist sissy male. Like many of you, I progress my feminization in steps, but right now I am on a plateau. I have encouraged some of you to take steps to move your sissification forward. I am stuck in one spot and think I need to take some other steps too. I think a good next step would be to wear stockings and garters belts to work on a regular basis, under my male clothes. When not at work, I dress exclusively as a woman. When at work, I wear panties and womens socks and on occasion I wear stockings and garter belt, a camisole, corset, or waist cincher. I think I should be wearing stockings and garters on a regular basis.

Why focus on stockings and garters? Stockings and garter belts are sexy feminine items worn more by sissies than women, and a sissy can feel the tug of the stockings against the garters as they walk. This is what I want, to feel the tug of my stockings pulling on the garters as I walk down the corridors at work. When I sit to pee in a stall and I am wearing stockings and garter, I ask myself, “Why do I do this?” I admit to myself that I am a sissy but sometimes I feel so ridiculous doing this. Simply put, I think that wearing feminine items more often will reinforce sissy behavior.

Since I have to wear male clothing to work, I want to be constantly reminded that I am not a man, but an effeminate sissy. Wearing additional feminine lingerie at work will do that and help me be a better sissy.

We need to continually push our limits and I am hoping you will help me push mine and that you will also make a commitment to take a small mincing little sissy step to be more feminine.


Anonymous said...

Reading this I imagined perhaps one of your coworkers finding out and confronting you in the bathroom demanding to know what you would keep under your clothing. Upon finding out what a sissy you were he would drag you into a stall and make you take off those male clothes, and have you sit on the toilet, make you unzip him while he could see your stocking clad legs perhaps caressing them as you would service him there in the bathroom. Which you would do with great enthusiasm, right up until he was about to explode and he would take himself out of your mouth and explode all over your face. Then he would make you beg to get your clothes back and if you didn't beg well enough he would threaten to put them on your desk, making you walk in nothing but your sissy attire to your desk, probably cum still on your face slowly dripping down. Only a fantasy but one that I certainly am enjoying thinking about at the moment.

Mr Frost said...

Ginasissy -- I could not agree more with your sentiments. As a true lover of ultra-effeminate sissies who crave to go further, I am interested in helping and pushing you.

Let's talk.

Email or Instant messenger at the yahoo ID

Mr. Frost

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I wear swimsuits at the beach that hide my penis and completely make it look like a vagina down there.

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Anonymous said...

I wear my stockings and garters to work everyday it keeps me where I want to be in my head you should wear the best that you have you will be much better for it.

Xemxija said...

One other advantage of wearing stockings with suspenders under your clothes is that the little bump of the clasp can be noticed on your thigh by those observant of such signs ...

Anonymous said...

I would love to find you in a rest room at work, sitting in a stall I opened by mistake your sitting there with your sissy panties around your ankles and you garters pulled tight by the sheer nylons your wearing. You look up and see me watching you play with your little sissy clitty as I unzip my slacks and pull out a 9" thick dick for you to start sucking. I watcxh your sissy lips engulf my tick cock as start sucking like the little sissy whore you are. oh yeah sissy I'm gonna cum in your sissy mouth baby I say as strings of hot jism start shooting down your throat. I pull my cock away from your full lips and shoot the rest of my load across your pretty face sissy. Lick it up sissy girl. I'll see you after work for some more fun.

Elaine Margane said...

I like your final paragraph of each post, in which you coax me to become more feminine and realize my womanly self.