Friday, December 31, 2010

New Years Resolutions

Dear sissies, it is now the New Year and time to make resolutions to progress our feminization and sissification. Earlier in the year I decided that I would be wearing stockings and a garter belt to work in addition to panties and womens socks. This year I plan to focus more on waist control. While I am fairly slender, I still want to lose a few pounds to look more femme. So I will also increase the time at work when I wear a waist cincher or corset. Also, I love the feeling of tight restrictive feminine garments and realize that I should wear such clothing more often. To help accomplish this, just yesterday I went lingerie shopping at the mall and bought several additional waist cinchers. When added to the ones I have, I will be better able to feel the tight restricting hold of feminine lingerie as I work. This constriction along with the tug of my garters holding my stockings taut, will keep me reminded of my submissive sissy status. What are you going to do this year to increase your sissy mindset?

Saturday, August 14, 2010

More sissy shopping - changing a goth dress to a sissy style

Well, I decided I needed a new sissy dress, and I like to buy clothes in person to try them on, so I trotted off in a pair of 5" heels to one of my local fetish stores, Erotic Cabaret. They didn't really have what I wanted but I tried on a few cute girly outfits. I tried on a goth style dress in black, and asked the sales girl about the fit. She said it is an unusual fit. To me it seemed rather high waisted, and it laced up the back, and it certainly didn't fit the sissy style I wanted. But then I had an idea. I strode out of the dressing room in the short black goth dress and asked the salesgirl if she would get down a pink petticoat for me. I put it on with the dress and I liked the look. I already had a lot of pink accessories and decided if I could buy a few more accessories in pink, that I could have a nice pink and black outfit. So I bought a pink bracelet, pink eye shadow to go with the dress and petticoat. I already owned 5" pink high heels, pink collar and some other items. Pink nail polish and lipstick from the drug store completed the outfit. So I took a goth dress and made it into a sissy dress. Tell me if you think I did OK and tell me if there are any other things I can do to make the sissy look even more over-the-top femme.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Sissy shopping

sissy shopping at DareWare
Last night I went shopping to four stores in my pink sissy dress looking for a white garter belt with eight garters. I didn't find one but told all the sales people what I was looking for. When I left and didn't find the garter belt, I told each of them, "Thank you but I didn't find the garter belt I was looking for. Mistress is going to be very angry with me."

At DareWare I bought a butt plug, and a pink restraint kit. When I bought the items I told the salesgirl that, "Mistress wanted me to buy these items that were going to be used on me. Would you please take a few pictures to show that I have complied with her wishes?" Since the girl there knows me as a regular, she was happy to comply. A Mistress didn't tell me to do this but I thought it was an interesting thing to say and clearly marked me as not only a sissy but a submissive one. I also bought stockings and told her that "I needed these three new pair of new stockings since I have to wear stockings and a garter belt every day. The garter belts you have with four garters are too plain. I want one with eight garters, it is more erotic."

When I am out as a sissy, I feel I should not hide or cringe. I need to be up front with the fact that I am a pantywaist sissy. I need to go more places dressed as a sissy. In my over-the-top sissy attire, I mostly go to do shopping at fetish stores and to gay bars, but really feel I should portray myself as a sissy at other times as well, and am open to suggestions from my readers. Ideally I would love to go out with another similarly dressed sissy. I think that would be much more fun and we would probably be open to being more adventuresome. I love dressing like a prissy little fairy in public and feel so good when displaying myself in such a feminine and erotic way. When going out last night I got a lot of stares, and I do mean stares, which I think is good. Sissies are made to be on display and to please.

The attached pictures were taken last night at DareWare. In the first picture, you can see I am holding my new butt plug and pink restraint kit. In the second, you should note the cute pink purse I bought on a previous trip to DareWare. It is in the shape of a pink high heeled boot, and I think it is such a sweet sissy accessory.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

sissy gina's attire rules

sissy gina's attire rules

When not at work:
I wear only women's attire. I dress, act, and live as a girl. More than half the time I wear high heels to keep my feet in good condition and to remind myself I am a pantywaist. Often I wear women's jeans and a nice top, but I need to work harder at wearing a skirt more often. Sissies wear skirts.

When I am at work:
1. I may only wear men's outer attire, and must wear only women's attire beneath.
2. To work I must wear panties, garter belt with stockings, and women's socks. The garter belt and stockings are a new permanent addition and I have done this continuously for over six weeks. Often I do not feel like donning stockings and garter belt in the morning. But the nice thing about developing new habits is that you don't have to think about it too much and just do it instinctively. I am also trying to more wear a waist cincher or corset more regularly too. Maybe this will become the next item to wear all the time.
3. I must wear at least as many items of women's attire as men's, no exceptions. So if I need to wear a man's coat and tie on occasion, I must add additional feminine items such as a camisole, waist cincher, or corset to fit the rule.

To bed:
I must wear panties, bra, and nightgown every night.

I must keep my toe nails polished a pretty red at all times. This is especially important in the summer because I now often wear open toed high heeled sandals nearly all the time so my pretty polished toe nails show.

These rules are to insure my feminization and sissification. The continuous wearing of multiple items of feminine attire reinforces my sissy feelings.

Sissy lipstick

Sissy lipstick
As a sissy, I find it helpful to wear a long wear lipstick so my lips stay nice and girly. I use CoverGirl "Outlast" lipstick. It stays on all day and does not come off when you eat, kiss, etc. It was terrible when I had to constantly replace my lipstick. It wasn't the constant application that was a problem, but the fact that sometimes I did not look my most feminine best. Surely some of you enjoy leaving a red or pink lipstick ring around a man's hard cock. But I think it is better to keep your lips a pretty red at all times. A sissy should always look good, especially for a man.

Other companies make similar kinds of lipstick (such as Revlon's "ColorStay") and I have tried several with comparable results. The lipstick doesn't come off easily, but if you put on some lip chap and wipe it off with a tissue, repeating this a few times, it will come off.

There is also a new kind of long wear lipstick by CoverGirl called a lip stain. I haven't yet tried this but I bet if works great too. Any of you sissies effeminate and prissy enough to try this lip stain and report back how it works?

So my sissy girlfriends, try some long wear sissy lipstick. It keeps you looking your femme best all day or night.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Exploring our sissy side

Yes my sissy side is my fantasy in which I occasionally indulge. I don’t know if I could be a submissive sissy 24/7, but exploring that deep hidden dark side of my personality is intensely erotic. It is the means through which I see myself sexually. It is my sexual expression and no other aspect of my personality satisfies my sexual needs. Typically I like to be a conservative, classy woman. But the decadent sissy always comes back out, wanting to be ultra feminine, ultra sexy, and an exaggeratedly feminine girl. I want to be viewed sexually even if that means as an object of sexual pleasure.

This is a side of me that I have not adequately explored and which begs me to open the door to the dark unknown corridor leading me somewhere uncertain. Perhaps that is what some of us like about being sissies. It is the dark unknown side of our selves which is taboo, but begs to be discovered. I like the idea of being an intelligent educated person willing to give up control and be submissive. Perhaps this is part of what forced feminization is about. It is something we really want, except that someone else pushes us beyond the limits that we would have for ourselves. I know that if it had not been for several Mistresses pushing my limits at different times, I would not be where I am today. I just needed a little push at different times.

Wearing stockings and garters on a regular basis

Hi again, this is sissy gina, a femmy little pantywaist sissy male. Like many of you, I progress my feminization in steps, but right now I am on a plateau. I have encouraged some of you to take steps to move your sissification forward. I am stuck in one spot and think I need to take some other steps too. I think a good next step would be to wear stockings and garters belts to work on a regular basis, under my male clothes. When not at work, I dress exclusively as a woman. When at work, I wear panties and womens socks and on occasion I wear stockings and garter belt, a camisole, corset, or waist cincher. I think I should be wearing stockings and garters on a regular basis.

Why focus on stockings and garters? Stockings and garter belts are sexy feminine items worn more by sissies than women, and a sissy can feel the tug of the stockings against the garters as they walk. This is what I want, to feel the tug of my stockings pulling on the garters as I walk down the corridors at work. When I sit to pee in a stall and I am wearing stockings and garter, I ask myself, “Why do I do this?” I admit to myself that I am a sissy but sometimes I feel so ridiculous doing this. Simply put, I think that wearing feminine items more often will reinforce sissy behavior.

Since I have to wear male clothing to work, I want to be constantly reminded that I am not a man, but an effeminate sissy. Wearing additional feminine lingerie at work will do that and help me be a better sissy.

We need to continually push our limits and I am hoping you will help me push mine and that you will also make a commitment to take a small mincing little sissy step to be more feminine.