Sunday, October 04, 2009

small sissy lifestyle upgrades

For the past 8 months, I have not posted much on my blog due to lots of long work hours and other commitments. Occasionally I get on a plateau about my sissy activities and now I need to recommit to upgrading my femme lifestyle. Although I live as a girl except at work, there are a lot of little things to do to continually push the envelope of femininity (something you should all do too). Some of the things I plan to do between now and the end of the year are below. They are pre-New Year’s resolutions.

Wear my hair longer. Consider getting a perm. In fact I just got a perm this Saturday. It looks great for me as a girl. I don’t know how it will look when I dress as a male for work, but we will see. Last time I had a perm, some of the women at work noticed and commented. In any case, I got the perm, I like it, and everyone will see it. I intend to continue doing a lot of little things to continually look more feminine, even as a male as work.

I hereby commit to getting my ears pierced over Christmas. My wife doesn’t approve of me doing this, but I am going to do it anyway. It is about time I had my ears pierced.

I need to be wearing stockings and a garter belt to work more often. It will remind me during the day that I am a sissy. This is something all us sissies need to do more.

I need to go back to DareWare (fetish clothing store) to check out femme fetish clothing while dressed as a slightly effeminate male. I would go after work in male work attire but wear stockings, have on 3” high heels, jewelry & lipstick. It will be obvious I am a sissy. I need to buy a new garter belt. I will try it on and wear it home with a pair of new stockings that I will also buy.

I need to buy a new tightly laced corset with garters. I should do this as an effeminately dressed male. Erotic Cabaret would be the best choice for this. When I buy a corset, I should wear stockings with a nice new garter belt and ruffled panties, all in black. I have tried on corsets in the past, and the salesgirls have always helped laced them up for me.

Since I dress as a girl at home all the time, I should dress more femmy as a girl. Specifically I should do more pinks. I have a cute outfit of pink capris and coordinating pink top that I just love. I should focus more on these types of outfits as a girl.

Fix up the spare room and make it very femme. I will use lacy curtains with flowers and get fashion pictures of women or pictures of high heels, accessories, etc. The room should be made over the top feminine. I don’t care who sees it, even my parents. This will be my study.

This is only a partial list of items, but are a good start for the rest of the year. I also need to upgrade my sissy attire and lingerie. That will come next. I am open to ideas for sissy attire and lingerie I should have or get more of.


sissygirl said...

I envy you for being so feminine at home and when out and about. I love to be prety as well but not able to be a free as you are

Anonymous said...

It's wonderful enough that you such a man's cock "until he cums in your mouth." To confess to sucking cock in your blog for all the world to must be as sissyish as can be. What's it like to then go out on the town with both of you knowing you have a bellyful of his sperm? How does your wife feel about you having men's cum inside you?

pansy_Faggotte said...

Nice to see you post again 'sissy gina', hopefully everyone will read your new story in your other blog-site.

This sissy has also not been keeping up with its blog posting as well, It seems we could BOTH use a could spanking and humiliation session !! ~ pansy

Linda said...

Gina -

Great to see you are posting again, you have been such an inspiration to me. My sissy activities have been diminished as I have been traveling, but I do wear panties every day.

While most gurls would say this is not much, my I mention that I go to a health club every day and change out in the open. After swimming I also rub in hand lotion to moisturize my hands, and do so while wearing my panites. How many sissies out there are willing to stand naked in a male dressing room except for a pair of white panties with pastel flowers the size of dimes on them while rubbing lotion into their hand, and to do this every working day?

See the sissy I have become thanks to your inspiration?

Anonymous said...

Akiko from Japan

Anonymous said...

You will love having pierced ears and wearing earrings. A must for a feminized sissy lady.

gmoney said...

Hi gina how are you going peirce your ears if your wife does not want to? And what does your thinks about your cock sucking actvities? Does cuckold you?