Saturday, May 09, 2009

Date with a man while dressed as french maid

I will continue to relate some of my experiences dating men, past and recent. Many men I dated did not know that I'm a t-girl and I had to be very careful to tease and please them without them finding out. It was very risky and quite thrilling.

A number of years ago, I dated a straight guy, J, who didn't know I'm a tgirl. I used to meet him at his townhouse and them we would take his car to go out. We went mostly to clubs. One winter evening I came to his back door wearing a white sweater coat which was mid thigh length. J could see me bundled up in my coat and in high heels and black hose. Of course I was all dolled up with wig make-up and nicely polished nails too. I was dressed in the outfit shown.

When he came to the door, I threw my coat open and revealed that I was wearing a very short black and white French maids dress with a cute apron. His expression was priceless and made me thrilled. I gently nudged him backwards and told him that tonight I was his maid and it was my job to serve him. As a maid, it was my job. He should just sit back and relax. Thank goodness he went along. I undressed him and sucked his cock. Afterwards, I changed into another outfit I brought and fixed my make-up. Then we went out to a club. J still wants to take me out but I had to stop because he was getting progressively closer to finding out about me.

On other occasions he had me out of my dress, kissing him in my lingerie, specifically a short black lacy slip. I felt so vulnerable standing there kissing him while wearing only lingerie, but it also thrilled me. I hated to stop dating him but I knew I must. It was getting progressively harder to hold him off and not let him find out about my little secret.


Anonymous said...

Hello Gina my name is Sissybra a sissy
crossdresser also from Texas. I have so
much enjoyed your blog that you inspired
me to start my own, Sissybra's Sissy
Heaven, and relate my experiences as a
femme crossdressing sissy. I so admire
you for leading other sissies by your
wonderful posts which gave me the inspi-
ration and courage to publicly try and
express myself.

I love your latest post and I love the pic of
you in the french maid outfit. You look so
darling and femme. My favorite part of the
post, is when you say, "I felt so vulnerable
standing there kissing him while wearing
only lingerie. I sounds so fulfilling for you
but at the same time you knew you had to
cut it off.

I am looking forward to your next post.
I want you to know that I am dedicated to
being the best femme, cocksucking, cross-
dressing sissy I can be. Any advice you can
give me would be appreciated.

Hopefully a friend,


Goddess Sandra said...

sissy gina
I only wish I could get my sissy tammi's weight and figure to look half as hot as yours. At that point, tammi would be ready for her true calling. Thanks for all your help. Love reading your adventures. tammi definitley needs a few like your most recent ones.

Anonymous said...

Sugar, you're not only an inspiration, but you're sweet, too!

Love your posts, love your attitude, and, of course, I'm utterly jealous.

Have a completely slutty holiday!


BigDaddy Bucyk said...

you're a very pretty girl. any man should be proud to be serviced by such a lil'cutie.

ShySissyLisa said...

Gina- Please post again soon- You are so sweet I could just hug you! If only we could double date....Time to go "all the way" Sweet Girl!- Love, Lisa

Anonymous said...

very nice....quite an inspiration and lovely to boot!

Anonymous said...

I was helped to try on a latex 8 suspender girdle and seam stockings by 2 female assistants in a London shop. They could see my black bra under my white shirt and encouraged me to step into the changing room after they saw me drooling over the lingerie. I had my cock rings and nipple clamps on at the time and pre cum seeping through my red silky knickers, but they didnt seem to mind. I bought the girdle and wear it all the time.

sissycrissi said...

You look absolutely delicious in your maid uniform.

Anonymous said...

Some handsome masculine men who are hetero, like feminized sissy ladyboys dreed as womnen, just as they like genetic women. Best to ya in your feminization and dating men.

greenhawk46 said...

you look hot, sexy and gorgeous as a maid-bet your date would have been pleasently surprised and bet he would have sucked you off too-
xxxxx Jim