Saturday, May 09, 2009

Date with a man while dressed as french maid

I will continue to relate some of my experiences dating men, past and recent. Many men I dated did not know that I'm a t-girl and I had to be very careful to tease and please them without them finding out. It was very risky and quite thrilling.

A number of years ago, I dated a straight guy, J, who didn't know I'm a tgirl. I used to meet him at his townhouse and them we would take his car to go out. We went mostly to clubs. One winter evening I came to his back door wearing a white sweater coat which was mid thigh length. J could see me bundled up in my coat and in high heels and black hose. Of course I was all dolled up with wig make-up and nicely polished nails too. I was dressed in the outfit shown.

When he came to the door, I threw my coat open and revealed that I was wearing a very short black and white French maids dress with a cute apron. His expression was priceless and made me thrilled. I gently nudged him backwards and told him that tonight I was his maid and it was my job to serve him. As a maid, it was my job. He should just sit back and relax. Thank goodness he went along. I undressed him and sucked his cock. Afterwards, I changed into another outfit I brought and fixed my make-up. Then we went out to a club. J still wants to take me out but I had to stop because he was getting progressively closer to finding out about me.

On other occasions he had me out of my dress, kissing him in my lingerie, specifically a short black lacy slip. I felt so vulnerable standing there kissing him while wearing only lingerie, but it also thrilled me. I hated to stop dating him but I knew I must. It was getting progressively harder to hold him off and not let him find out about my little secret.