Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Date with Umbrella Bill

As a sissy I have dated men on occasion. I pass well in public and sometimes I have gone out with men who did not know that I was not a real woman. It makes me feel so feminine and sexy to be desired as a woman by a man. Sometimes I let the situation get carried away because a man sexually desiring me really feeds my feminine ego. Then I have to do some fast talking and fast hand movements to extract myself from the situation before I am found out. It is a situation which is both exciting and scary.

Umbrella Bill
One night at a piano bar, a guy convinced me to follow him home. Stupid me, I must have had too much to drink. What did I think he wanted? I didn't think. We went to his townhouse and he immediately started kissing me and dragging me up the stairs to this bedroom. We kissed and fondled on the way up. I had to be real careful where I let him touch me or he would have probably beaten the crap out of me for not being a real woman like he though I was. I loved feeling his hard cock pressed up against me. It made me feel so femme and submissive. I really caressed his cock with my hands and when he pressed it against me. Finally he started to undress me and I started making excuses that I had to leave. The situation was geting out of my control. His cock was so hard and he said, "You can't leave me like this". Wow, I realized how it is to get a man hot and excited, and how difficult it is to get a man to stop. I relented and grabbed him by the hand and took him to the bedroom and said something about taking care of him. I undid his pants and told him to lie back and preceeded to suck his cock until he came in my mouth. Thank goodnees he was satisfied with a blow job. I have found that most men are. Just as long as they get their rocks off, they are happy. For some reason I can't remember, this guy Bill had a lot of umbrellas. On the way out he offered me one. He said, "I'm not offering you an umbrella for a blow job, I just have so many, I thought you might like one." Now I remember him as umbrealla Bill. I haven't seen him since.

This was a really dangerous situation but I loved satisfying a man without getting any pleasure myself. It was a real thrill.