Monday, January 05, 2009

Encourage sissy tammi's sissification

Goddess Sandra is wife and Mistress to sissy tammi. She has asked me to observe tammi's femininization and sissification, and offer suggestions based on my own experiences as a pantywaist sissy. sissy tammi (not sissy tammy from previous posts) doesn't enjoy wearing women's clothes but follows Goddess Sandra's directives out of devotion.

sissy tammi states, "i really don’t enjoy wearing women’s clothes. i find quite humiliating and embarrassing to dress as woman and unfortunately that is why Goddess Sandra requires it. It pleases Her to see me dressed in such a manner. i do not enjoy dressing as a woman it is very difficult and typically quite uncomfortable".

Please check out sissy tammi's blog (listed on right side of blog) and encourage her to indulge deeply and embrace her femininization.
sissy tammi has served at several functions hosted by Dommes and there is so much more we should know about them. Goddess Sandra want us to post comments and suggestions, so please listen to this Esteemed Mistress and add your comments.