Saturday, November 15, 2008

Sissy Attire in Public

Previously I posted that I have taken several friends out as sissified males in public. Also I have gone out with a friend where we were both dolled up in sissy outfits. See this photos or my sissy girlfriend, sissy tammy and I in public. This was sissy tammi's first outing in such attire. We bought frilly petticoats at DareWare to go with the outfits we were wearing and it gave them so much more flair, literally. The store photo is from DareWare.

Afterwards, we went to a gay bar and as usual, I always insist my sissy girlfriend tips the stud male dancer well. I certainly do. Now I want to see all you other pantywaist sissies dressed like this shopping at a at a fetish clothing store or at a gay bar. Don't forget to tip the stud dancer well and compliment them. Tell them something like, "I love you body, you make me feel weak and submissive".