Friday, September 26, 2008

Sissy males in public

I love being a pantywaist sissy and it thrills me to see other guys turned into sissy boys or sissy girls like me. I think more boys should be all dolled up as girls and oh so pretty. In the past I have encouraged four different sissies by taking them out as sissified male in public for their first times, while i dressed as a girl. We always went to fetish clothing stores and gay bars. We generally went to a place like Ross Dress for less so that the sissified guy would take skirts to the mens dressing room and try them on, and then come out into the store to model them for me. There is usually a salesgirl watching and I say something like, "Don't mind him, he is just a sissy." Of course i make sure to say this in front of the sissy boy as he is modeling his skirt in the store.

My dress code for these sissy outing is that my sissy boyfriend must wear only women's clothing. Typical items for sissy are panties, unpadded bra, garter belt with stockings, women's slacks and a blouse. Mid to high heels are also required. Sissy may not wear a wig or padded bra so he is recognized as a sissified male.

One time sissy natahsa and I went to Erotic Cabaret clothing store and bought ruffled panties, garter belt with stockings and sissy socks. After ringing up the sale, the salesgirl started to put the purchases in the bag. I said, "That won't be necessary, sissy is going to wear them home." Sissy boy natasha was highly embarrassed but did as instructed.

Going out as girl allows one to hide behind a wig and total femme outfit. These experiences as a sissified male are important because it helps break one's male ego and creates a stark realization that you are an effeminate sissy male. It is also an experience that is scary and humiliating, but is also highly erotic. If you haven't tried this, I highly recommend it. After al, you are a sissy aren't you?