Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Being one of Miss D's sissies

This is a link to my profile on Miss D's blog. Click on the title of this paragraph.

She is an insightful Domme and I encourage you to go to he blog (link on right). I want to thank Her for for Her encouragement in helping me become th kind of sissy I am today. Check out my sissy profile and see what confessions Miss D has made me provide. Oh I truly love being such a transvestite fairy and being all dolled up as a pretty girl.


Anonymous said...

wow love the french maid photos, great looking as always, that photo on the bed makes me wishhhhhh

Jack AKA

Anonymous said...

Oh gina, you're such a sweet faggot and I love your sissiness!

Anonymous said...

this may be of interest:

sissy travesti said...

Hi Gina, you're really pretty! And I love your blog really much!

Sissy travesti from Belgium.

Anonymous said...

Wow. You are a fantanstic sissy. I hope to get as good as you are one day.

If I may, I'd like to invite you and others to come read my blog, also.

P.S. The classy you is hot, but the sissy you is soooo titillating.

wendy TV said...

I have that same dress! Its gorgeous isn't it?

My blog is

Lucy Allen said...

What a pretty outfit, you look so sweet.

Anonymous said...

je me permet de vous dire que vous êtes trés belle,la robe vous va à ravir,tout comme la culotte à frou-frou,que vous portez très bien,de plus la position sur le lit
veut tout dire.

Anonymous said...

mon sex il veux niquer rabeha mon amour rxxxxxx gina tu est tres belle avec ton zeb

Anonymous said...

rabeha tu est selest je veux te niquer shez toi je t'adore avec ton zeb se marier avec toi et t'emmener susser d'autres zeb

MissySubCD said...

Love your photos sissy gina.

Do you know what's happened to Miss D's blog?


Anonymous said...

I am a secret sissy, my wife completely disapproves, so wish I could express myself like you!