Monday, February 11, 2008

Be a better sissy

Sissy challenge - Alright it is time for the rest of you pantywaist sissies to become more sissified than before. I have just committed to living en femme at all times except when at work, and I want the rest of you to step up your efforts as well. You assignment, and you will accept it, is to add one new femme item to your routine. That means you should commit to wearing panties every day, if you are not already doing it, or you should start wearing hose, pantyhose or stockings to work twice a week or more. Everyone is in a different place, but now you must commit to stepping up you femme efforts a notch. Then, you are to leave a comment to tell us all what you did.

I have been asked, what femme items one can wear under male clothes to work without problems. First panties and pantyhose are always a safe bet for all us girly bois, so all you pansies should wear these regularly. A garter belt and stockings are also very nice, and do not show as long as you do not wear very light colored slacks. This is an excellent item for sissies because the tug of the garters on the stockings as you walk is a constant reminder what a pansy you are, and they really do not show. This sissy highly recommends stockings and garters. I do it occasionally at work myself. A camisole is also a good bet under many shirts but works best with a heavier fabric or a shirt with a print or dark color. Do not wear a bra unless you are wearing a heavy sweater. They will show. No one may say anything, but they are noticeable. A lightweight corset or waist cincher is also a safe item with the same kind of shirt you would wear with a camisole. These are items that I wear without any difficulty to work and if the rest of you are not, you need to step up you femme routine a notch by adding one or two items, and add a comment to share your commitment, no matter how small. I’m a pantywaist fairy, now you be one too.

Now for those of you who are big time pantywaist faggots, who are further along, please feel free to find a creative way to show us all how sissified you can be by what you wear, where you go out as a sissy, or something you do to be a better pansy. Do something you have not done before. Then tell us about it.

Do this now my sissy sisters. Let us prance in lingerie and heels and cute little dresses. Let us share our experiences and push our limits.


Linda said...

I wore a bra to work for a few years without anyone saying anything. I doubt that anyone noticed either. Obviously, you can't wear white shirts. Best to stick with dark colors and better yet,patterns and stripes. You need to wear a male t-shirt or a camisole made with a thicker material. I found both tank tops and t-shirts made for women.
Also, pick bras that do not have the strap adjustment just behind the shoulder. If someone touches you on the shoulder, they might detect the adjustment device.
To be on the safer side, stick with crop tops. While some have easily detectable shoulder straps, they are wide enough to pass for an athletic t-shirt. Would still suggest wearing a t-shirt on top of it anyway.

dollyanne said...

This is a great challenge, gina! Dolly wears panties every day--it's all she has!--along with girl's walking shoes, and, or course, girl's things around the house, but she has been lax in stepping it up a notch when going out. Dolly will start by wearing a pink garter on her thigh (she got a cute one the other day at Claires!). This will be a constant reminder she is a sissy. Dolly already wears a cute girl's cap in the car when she goes out (she has received some interesting stares), so she will try to wear it more places, like in the mall or in stores. Dolly also has some cute belts she would like to wear when she goes out! This is a fun challenge. Thank you, gina!


serena said...

Hello gina, i appreciate your challenge for us to step up and become more girly. I know it's small, but this year, i'm going to try to move to wearing panties 24/7. In addition, i'm going to purchase more frilly ones to wear daily, rather than my safe ones.

Now that you've challenged us, i'd like to throw a challenge back your way. How about stepping up with more frequent postings on your blog? More than once a month? Seems only fair that you want more interaction/comments from us, that you have more frequent interaction with us and tell us what's going on in your sissy world. Are *you* ready to up your efforts a notch?


sissy gina said...

Thank you for the correction on wearing a bra under your male clothes. I hope others will be encouraged to try it.

I am glad you are stepping up your sissy activities. I know you will enjoy wearing the garter as a reminder that you are a pantywaist sissy.

You will enjoy wearing panties 24/7 like I do. In response to your challenge, I will make an effort to post more often. Do you have anything specific you would like me to include? Sometimes I need some ideas.

Kisses to you all,
sissy gina

Linda said...

Gina, as always your post is an inspiration to us all. I have been wearing panties exclusively for over a year now. What is really exciting is to wear a pair of pink Victoria Secret panties when getting dressed at the health club. Better yet, wear nothing but the panties while rubbing lotion into your cuticles. That is my daily routing on work days.

Today I left on a trip. I wore a very feminine shirt when I left the house. Also wore thigh high stockings. Once through security I added a bra and cami that are visible. (wore a jacket over to not be too obvious.)I had some time to kill at the gate, so I pulled out my deep red nail polish and did my nails quickly. When I got to my rental car I added heels.

When I got to my desitnation one of my bags was lost. The one with my sissy clothes. I had to make a stop at Walmart so I picked up a black skirt to wear.

Went to dinner at "Texas Roadhouse." Right after I ordered I went to the mens room, took off my pants and put on my skirt. That is the outfit I wore when I checked into my room.

How is that for stepping up.

Linda said...

I had two new ideas of how to "step up". One is something every sissy can and should be doing. That is not standing up when relieving themselves. We should always sit like proper girls. I will take that one step further. I attend many sporting and entertainment events. I know the arena I most frequently attend has "family" restrooms. Since I cannot use the Womans room because I am not a woman, and I should not use the Mens room because I am not a real man, I pledge to use the "family" restroom.

The second way I am stepping up is this. A couple months ago I bought myself a cute pink, studded dog collar and leash with the intention of someone using it when I visited them. At that time I also bought a matching cat collar to use as an "ankle bracelet". I pledge to wear this to work at least one day per week for the rest of the year.

Anonymous said...

Ooh, me!

I'm a long-time lurker, but this challenge has brought me out of myself.

I wear panties all the time anyway, so that one's out.

So here's my pledges:

I pledge to wear a skirt outside at least once a month.

I pledge to wear heels outside at least once every two weeks.

I pledge to wear two women's clothing items to work at least twice a week.

I pledge to sit to pee every time I go to the toilet, whatever I'm wearing!

Anonymous said...

Honey, you totally rock. Here's mine. Since I'm already in panties every day, bras when possible, stockings when it's not too's the plan: suck an utterly anonymous cock at least once a month. Glory i cum.


Nathalie said...

you look absolutely gorgues and beautiful

Tesstv said...

gina, I have worn pantyhose and panties 24/7, including under my work clothes for years. I have occasionally worn a bra and also a garter belt and stockings to work, but as you say, they require extra precaution. I will offtrn not wear socks, which exposes my nyloned ankles. If anyone at work has ever noticed, they haven't said anytyhing, but I do love lifting my trouser leg a little when I am not with people I know in bars etc. to encourage people to notice. I have also worn craem coloured stockings and a garter belt under light weight womens' dress slacks in public, with light make-up but np wig. That does get a bit of attention. The rule I abide by is that I will wear only womens' clothyes when I am not at work or associating with people from work. Sometimes it is in full girl mode with wig, sometimes as a sissy male without wig. I guess very similar to what you are doing.



Tricia Anne said...

Hi Gina, darling. I'm loving your posts. I've been shaving my legs and wearing panties to work since you issued your challenge. I've also been doing the effeminate male on weekend excursions shopping. Everyone loves my look and my money.

Hugs and kisses,

Tricia Anne

Anonymous said...

Hi Gina
Just love your site.
I wear femalr undies everyday that is stockings,suspender belt six strap at least,Satin bullet bra not always filled with breast forms,satin chemise. All under my working clothes. I am hairless, eyebrows plucked and shaped. My hair is short but looks somewhat femme.My nails are polished with clear polish bothe fingers and toes. i pledge to go out more often fuly dressed. Carolyn

Hali said...

I started dressing at 15 after these girls I used to diss caught me in my sister's stuff. They snapped pics and kept me in full girls undies in school with random inspections. Somehow they knew that I loved it and they " forced me" to continue it throughout high school. Now I wear panties, bra- strapless are best- and spanx to work.. I would feel so undressed without them I paint my toenails French manicure style and apply clear polish to my thumbs . I think some women at work know because they smile knowingly.
Thanks Gina!

joannemarieames said...

I have wanted to be a girl since my teen age years...just love the feel of panties bra and girls clothes and love to be a waman for a man ...totally his...

Anonymous said...

I wear panties every day and night, sometime shapewear a panthose. My pledge now is to sit and weewee like a good little girl from now on. No more standing and peeing for this pink frilly panty slut! XOXOXOX

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I wear a bra and panties everyday to work. I use to wear panty hose to work till I was caught by the girls in my office. One day they purchase me a pair of ballet flats to wear and was told to take my panty hose off. I now wear their ballet flats to work everyday barefooted with an ankle chain. The ballet flats are very classy and extremely comfortable. I wear them barefooted year around even when it is cold out. Linda

Anonymous said...

I wear a bra and panties everyday to work. I use to wear panty hose to work till I was caught by the girls in my office. One day they purchase me a pair of ballet flats to wear and was told to take my panty hose off. I now wear their ballet flats to work everyday barefooted with an ankle chain. The ballet flats are very classy and extremely comfortable. I wear them barefooted year around even when it is cold out. Linda

andreaolson2007 said...

hi sweetie!
i'm so excited to tell you how in the past year I have been wearing panties and a camisole under my work clothes.... I went to a friends costume party as a sissy bride and some women from work were there and are encouraging me to be be more feminine !