Monday, February 11, 2008

Be a better sissy

Sissy challenge - Alright it is time for the rest of you pantywaist sissies to become more sissified than before. I have just committed to living en femme at all times except when at work, and I want the rest of you to step up your efforts as well. You assignment, and you will accept it, is to add one new femme item to your routine. That means you should commit to wearing panties every day, if you are not already doing it, or you should start wearing hose, pantyhose or stockings to work twice a week or more. Everyone is in a different place, but now you must commit to stepping up you femme efforts a notch. Then, you are to leave a comment to tell us all what you did.

I have been asked, what femme items one can wear under male clothes to work without problems. First panties and pantyhose are always a safe bet for all us girly bois, so all you pansies should wear these regularly. A garter belt and stockings are also very nice, and do not show as long as you do not wear very light colored slacks. This is an excellent item for sissies because the tug of the garters on the stockings as you walk is a constant reminder what a pansy you are, and they really do not show. This sissy highly recommends stockings and garters. I do it occasionally at work myself. A camisole is also a good bet under many shirts but works best with a heavier fabric or a shirt with a print or dark color. Do not wear a bra unless you are wearing a heavy sweater. They will show. No one may say anything, but they are noticeable. A lightweight corset or waist cincher is also a safe item with the same kind of shirt you would wear with a camisole. These are items that I wear without any difficulty to work and if the rest of you are not, you need to step up you femme routine a notch by adding one or two items, and add a comment to share your commitment, no matter how small. I’m a pantywaist fairy, now you be one too.

Now for those of you who are big time pantywaist faggots, who are further along, please feel free to find a creative way to show us all how sissified you can be by what you wear, where you go out as a sissy, or something you do to be a better pansy. Do something you have not done before. Then tell us about it.

Do this now my sissy sisters. Let us prance in lingerie and heels and cute little dresses. Let us share our experiences and push our limits.