Monday, January 14, 2008

sissy gina's new direction

Wow, since I started dressing 2/3 of the time as a girl about 2 months ago, my head has been spinning. I have been shopping for casual women's clothing and am growing my own hair into a somewhat feminine style with the help of my hair stylist.

I still can't believe I am doing this, but I now go everywhere as a woman except to work. As a woman I have been to the bank, church, stores, restaurants, etc. As soon as I come home I immediately ditch the male slacks and shirt (still wearing pretty lingerie beneath though), and put on my femme attire and some make-up. But I have not been doing new sissy things with Mistress Stacey or anyone else. I am just trying to assimilate my new lifestyle which is no small task. I have been doing a lot more domestic things around home, much to the pleasure of my wife. She now tells others, it is now like her having a wife. So that is my current role, a wife to my wife, and we will see what comes next.

This is really so great because I just love wearing women's clothing. Several people have been urging me to indulge deeply in a more submissive role with a dominant, but that is on hold for now.


gabby-louise said...


Lovely to hear you are exploring some truly feminine desires. I would guess being a wife is the untimate.

how did thanksgiving go

Anonymous said...


I'm wondering if your wife is now looking for a real man now that you have resigned yourself to being a submissive sissy. I hope to read that you have surrender your will to a dominant male as your wife finds herself a real man.


Linda said...

Gina -

I am so glad things are going so very well for you. I have been concerned as I had not heard back from you for a while, but I can understand.

I hope your new status/role/life do not keep you from remaining a true inspriration to us young sissies who can use your guidance and support.

You are really lucky, especially now that your wife is starting enjoy your status as well. You are truely a lucky sissy and a great role model for us all.

dollyanne said...

You are sooo lucky to have such an understanding wife! And now, you are the wife. To cook, to sew, to clean, to be the maid and girlfriend! You are becoming a girl inside and out! Please post more to help us gurls know what that feels like! Your posts are so refreshing and honest!

Anonymous said...

Gina, you're so feminine and beautiful! I especially love your ultra frilly dresses. My tiny clitty is so hard looking at your pictures and fantasizing about you.


Anonymous said...

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