Monday, January 14, 2008

sissy gina's new direction

Wow, since I started dressing 2/3 of the time as a girl about 2 months ago, my head has been spinning. I have been shopping for casual women's clothing and am growing my own hair into a somewhat feminine style with the help of my hair stylist.

I still can't believe I am doing this, but I now go everywhere as a woman except to work. As a woman I have been to the bank, church, stores, restaurants, etc. As soon as I come home I immediately ditch the male slacks and shirt (still wearing pretty lingerie beneath though), and put on my femme attire and some make-up. But I have not been doing new sissy things with Mistress Stacey or anyone else. I am just trying to assimilate my new lifestyle which is no small task. I have been doing a lot more domestic things around home, much to the pleasure of my wife. She now tells others, it is now like her having a wife. So that is my current role, a wife to my wife, and we will see what comes next.

This is really so great because I just love wearing women's clothing. Several people have been urging me to indulge deeply in a more submissive role with a dominant, but that is on hold for now.