Saturday, November 15, 2008

Sissy Attire in Public

Previously I posted that I have taken several friends out as sissified males in public. Also I have gone out with a friend where we were both dolled up in sissy outfits. See this photos or my sissy girlfriend, sissy tammy and I in public. This was sissy tammi's first outing in such attire. We bought frilly petticoats at DareWare to go with the outfits we were wearing and it gave them so much more flair, literally. The store photo is from DareWare.

Afterwards, we went to a gay bar and as usual, I always insist my sissy girlfriend tips the stud male dancer well. I certainly do. Now I want to see all you other pantywaist sissies dressed like this shopping at a at a fetish clothing store or at a gay bar. Don't forget to tip the stud dancer well and compliment them. Tell them something like, "I love you body, you make me feel weak and submissive".

Friday, September 26, 2008

Sissy males in public

I love being a pantywaist sissy and it thrills me to see other guys turned into sissy boys or sissy girls like me. I think more boys should be all dolled up as girls and oh so pretty. In the past I have encouraged four different sissies by taking them out as sissified male in public for their first times, while i dressed as a girl. We always went to fetish clothing stores and gay bars. We generally went to a place like Ross Dress for less so that the sissified guy would take skirts to the mens dressing room and try them on, and then come out into the store to model them for me. There is usually a salesgirl watching and I say something like, "Don't mind him, he is just a sissy." Of course i make sure to say this in front of the sissy boy as he is modeling his skirt in the store.

My dress code for these sissy outing is that my sissy boyfriend must wear only women's clothing. Typical items for sissy are panties, unpadded bra, garter belt with stockings, women's slacks and a blouse. Mid to high heels are also required. Sissy may not wear a wig or padded bra so he is recognized as a sissified male.

One time sissy natahsa and I went to Erotic Cabaret clothing store and bought ruffled panties, garter belt with stockings and sissy socks. After ringing up the sale, the salesgirl started to put the purchases in the bag. I said, "That won't be necessary, sissy is going to wear them home." Sissy boy natasha was highly embarrassed but did as instructed.

Going out as girl allows one to hide behind a wig and total femme outfit. These experiences as a sissified male are important because it helps break one's male ego and creates a stark realization that you are an effeminate sissy male. It is also an experience that is scary and humiliating, but is also highly erotic. If you haven't tried this, I highly recommend it. After al, you are a sissy aren't you?

Monday, July 28, 2008

Traveling as a girl

I recently went on vacation as a girl with my wife. I flew en femme in skirt, blouse and high heels, and since I have legal ID with my name and a totally femme picture and had no problem. Flying en femme was a first for me. There was no problem as long as the name on ID and ticket match and picture on ID and how I look match. I could have used my drivers license where I was also dressed en femme, but with an effeminate male look.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Where to go from here

Currently I have no Master or Mistress, but continue to live 2/3 of the time as a woman so I dress nearly all the time. Right now I am in limbo and not following any particular direction. But it is a leisurely pace and not too bad.

Perhaps I should do something different like doing public errands while wearing my maid's outfit with full petticoats. Maybe I need a new corset to constrict my waist to a very ultra feminine form. We'll see. Any ideas?

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Being one of Miss D's sissies

This is a link to my profile on Miss D's blog. Click on the title of this paragraph.

She is an insightful Domme and I encourage you to go to he blog (link on right). I want to thank Her for for Her encouragement in helping me become th kind of sissy I am today. Check out my sissy profile and see what confessions Miss D has made me provide. Oh I truly love being such a transvestite fairy and being all dolled up as a pretty girl.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Every sissy needs a French maids dress

Yes, every sissy does need a French maids dress. It is a wonderful symbol of a sissy's submissive and servile position. So if you don't have one, you need to get one. If you have pictures, share them. Tell us where they are so we can ooooh and aaaah over them. Sissies should be put on display in their maids outfits, so here are some of mine.

Girly Hair Style

I have instructed my hair stylist to give me a woman's hair style so that I will look femme when I leave the shop. She does a nice job and I am quite pleased when I leave. I have also been learning to do my own hair in a femme style, which I sometimes do. Now I have to pay twice the price for my hair style (women's vs. men's) but I am glad to do it. I told my stylist I plan to grow my hair longer so it will look more feminine.

For work, which is the only time I wear any male clothes, I comb my femme hair style back. So from now on I will have a women's hair style. I just love it!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Be a better sissy

Sissy challenge - Alright it is time for the rest of you pantywaist sissies to become more sissified than before. I have just committed to living en femme at all times except when at work, and I want the rest of you to step up your efforts as well. You assignment, and you will accept it, is to add one new femme item to your routine. That means you should commit to wearing panties every day, if you are not already doing it, or you should start wearing hose, pantyhose or stockings to work twice a week or more. Everyone is in a different place, but now you must commit to stepping up you femme efforts a notch. Then, you are to leave a comment to tell us all what you did.

I have been asked, what femme items one can wear under male clothes to work without problems. First panties and pantyhose are always a safe bet for all us girly bois, so all you pansies should wear these regularly. A garter belt and stockings are also very nice, and do not show as long as you do not wear very light colored slacks. This is an excellent item for sissies because the tug of the garters on the stockings as you walk is a constant reminder what a pansy you are, and they really do not show. This sissy highly recommends stockings and garters. I do it occasionally at work myself. A camisole is also a good bet under many shirts but works best with a heavier fabric or a shirt with a print or dark color. Do not wear a bra unless you are wearing a heavy sweater. They will show. No one may say anything, but they are noticeable. A lightweight corset or waist cincher is also a safe item with the same kind of shirt you would wear with a camisole. These are items that I wear without any difficulty to work and if the rest of you are not, you need to step up you femme routine a notch by adding one or two items, and add a comment to share your commitment, no matter how small. I’m a pantywaist fairy, now you be one too.

Now for those of you who are big time pantywaist faggots, who are further along, please feel free to find a creative way to show us all how sissified you can be by what you wear, where you go out as a sissy, or something you do to be a better pansy. Do something you have not done before. Then tell us about it.

Do this now my sissy sisters. Let us prance in lingerie and heels and cute little dresses. Let us share our experiences and push our limits.

Monday, January 14, 2008

sissy gina's new direction

Wow, since I started dressing 2/3 of the time as a girl about 2 months ago, my head has been spinning. I have been shopping for casual women's clothing and am growing my own hair into a somewhat feminine style with the help of my hair stylist.

I still can't believe I am doing this, but I now go everywhere as a woman except to work. As a woman I have been to the bank, church, stores, restaurants, etc. As soon as I come home I immediately ditch the male slacks and shirt (still wearing pretty lingerie beneath though), and put on my femme attire and some make-up. But I have not been doing new sissy things with Mistress Stacey or anyone else. I am just trying to assimilate my new lifestyle which is no small task. I have been doing a lot more domestic things around home, much to the pleasure of my wife. She now tells others, it is now like her having a wife. So that is my current role, a wife to my wife, and we will see what comes next.

This is really so great because I just love wearing women's clothing. Several people have been urging me to indulge deeply in a more submissive role with a dominant, but that is on hold for now.