Tuesday, November 20, 2007

sissies must wear skirts

Yes, sissies must wear skirts. That's what Mistress Stacey told me. She said only men wear pants and I am not a man. I am a sissy so I must wear skirts, all the time. In the past, I only went out once a week dressed as a girl, but that is now going to change. From now on, I will wear skirts every day.

I have taken this seriously and am going to do this. This is going to be a profound change in my life and I cannot fully comprehend the implications although it will be intense and overwhelming. I started this a few days ago. I will still wear mens' shirts and slacks to work along with pretty lingerie, women's shoes and socks. Upon arrival at home, there is to be an immediate change into skirts and full feminine attire.

In the past few days, my wife was surprised to see me in skirts each day when she came home (My wife is not my Mistress). She knew I wanted to dress full time when I retired, but this is a big step forward. I told her I needed the practice and experience to see how far I would go in the future. She said OK. Also she said I am a lot more pleasant and helpful around the house when I am wearing a skirt, so she sees some benefit. Perhaps I should follow-up and buy a super frilly French maids outfits and really offer to serve her. She would probably like me to cook, clean, and give her massages.

Since Thanksgiving is here soon, you should all know that I will be wearing skirts and dressing totally femme for the holiday as we entertain guests. The guests know about me but have not had much interaction with me as a girl. After getting up early and helping to cook in the kitchen, I will get dressed up for the big meal. I can guarantee that I will be the best dressed girl there, in a nice dress make-up and high heels. As least I will be the best dressed sissy.

Dressing in skirts at all times when not at work is really making my head spin. I can't believe that I am doing this, but I am. I will need to go shopping for more casual skirts and outfits since most of my wardrobe is dressier. And of course I will be shopping as a girl. I will be doing everything as a girl, except work.

I know that Mistress Stacey has other things in her plans to feminize and sissify me. Many of them will be humiliating. But his has a profound impact upon my psyche and lifestyle forever. Finally I must confess I am a pantywaist sissy faggot and that I love wearing womens' clothing. I am scared as heck but I am submitting to this feminization. I am a sissy boi and that is what we must do. What will be next?


Anonymous said...

Another wonderful entry dear! Yes, sissies must wear skirts and it must be so exciting and humiliating for you to totally submit and reveal your true nature to so many! Congrats hun!


pansy_Faggotte said...

sissy gina ~ your blog is an inspiratiation to other sissies,

sincerly, pansy

Nicole Mackenzie said...

OMG Gina! I did not know you were married. Does your wife know you are a sissy faggot or does she just think you are a crossdresser? You mentioned in the past that you are a sissy and cannot have sex as a man with a woman. Please tell us what you and your wife do together. Does she cuckold you? It wouldn't be right to deny her sexual satisfaction with a real man if you can't satisfy her as a sissy. Very curious to hear more about your situation at home especially with your leap forward in your feminization. Hugs, Nicole

Anonymous said...

oh gina, gina you are so wonderful. There is no doubt you are getting more and more beautiful. Clearly your Mistress is working well with you. Your dress is devine... is that the one you wore for thanksgiving if so you must have been a knockout. Your nails are breathtaking...did you have them done? Your waist is even more fem than i remember you and it was fanstatic then. Your legs are to die for...so smooth.
it is obvious you are enjoying being taken to this new peek

sissy gabby-louise

Linda said...

Sissy Gina -

You are an inspiration to me and to many other sissies like us. You are so luck to not only find a mistress to accept you, but to be accepted by your wife and family. I can only imagine the thrill that must have been! To live out our lifelong dream must be scary and wonderful.

I look forward to hearing more about your new life you lucky sissy you.

Love and Kisses


tara said...

Sissy Gina, i hope this means you will be wearing your 5' heels moer often.
Tara cdtbean@localnet.com

Tricia Anne said...

Dear sissy faggot sister Gina,

I can't wait to hear how you are spending the Christmas/New Years holiday. This is all so exciting.

Hugs and kisses from your sissy faggot sister,

Tricia Anne

sissy anderson said...

Hello sissy gina. My name is babydollsissy. I am also a mature, married, white, pansy, sissy faggot, from New Hampshire. You are so right. We sissy faggots, do not deserve to wear pants, like "Real Men" do. I admit that I am a pathetic, poor excuse for a Man, and now, no one would ever call me a Man. I do not have anymore Men's clothing, in our home. My wardrobe now, is totally feminine. I even had a boobjob, (female breast implants), to become a more proper sissy. I would love to talk with you, and compare notes. My more personal email address is, GoddessLela62@aol.com . Thanks sissy gina. Love and Kisses, babydollsissy!!!

sissy pansy nancy said...

The way that Your eyes smile tell me that this is way too enjoyable. When You get to the point of 'knowing' what You really are it becomes more difficult to be embarrassed and more enjoyable to be recognized for the pathetic sissy loser that You really are, doesn't it?

Cudos and my utmost admiration to You!

You are a beautiful dream! i hope i can be more like You some day!


Doc said...

I Love the outfit! You look so very f#ckable!

Anonymous said...

Sweetie- You are living the dream that so many of us have- You arer SO GORGEOUS! Oh, to be your sister faggot sissy lover!!! Keep us informed of your progress-you give many of us hope that we might free ourselves of the shackles of male gender and become the "Little Girls" of our dreams- Love, Lisa

Anonymous said...

Are/were you married? There are family photos in the background.

Anonymous said...

Don't use the word Faggot its disrespectful and degrating!

Anonymous said...

STFU faggot

sisi said...

You look lovely. I wish my wife would order me to dress up like the little dicklet sissy I know I am. I love wearing slinky lingerie, girdles and stockings. If only I could dress as I wished while watching a big cock satisfy my wife. You really are so lucky and look so nice. I'd so love to meet you.

Anonymous said...

You are a sexy ladyboy. As a masculine man who loves beautiful feminized sissy ladyboys, as I love beautiful genetic women, I would love to take you out on a date, treat you like a lady, hug and kiss with you, and recieve a blowjob from you. You are very much a lady!


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Emily said...

I want to look as good as Gina in a skirt nice
Legs sister

kittentrained@yahoo said...

realized I am a sissy
now only female clothes
all male clothing gone
carry a purse to match my outfit
hair growing out and colored at a beauty shop. In a pantie and bra every day. do not get noticed while shopping and always get a "yes Mam"
light make up and ears pierced. on a diet at 135# now size 6--dress neater and better figure than most shoppers.