Tuesday, November 20, 2007

sissies must wear skirts

Yes, sissies must wear skirts. That's what Mistress Stacey told me. She said only men wear pants and I am not a man. I am a sissy so I must wear skirts, all the time. In the past, I only went out once a week dressed as a girl, but that is now going to change. From now on, I will wear skirts every day.

I have taken this seriously and am going to do this. This is going to be a profound change in my life and I cannot fully comprehend the implications although it will be intense and overwhelming. I started this a few days ago. I will still wear mens' shirts and slacks to work along with pretty lingerie, women's shoes and socks. Upon arrival at home, there is to be an immediate change into skirts and full feminine attire.

In the past few days, my wife was surprised to see me in skirts each day when she came home (My wife is not my Mistress). She knew I wanted to dress full time when I retired, but this is a big step forward. I told her I needed the practice and experience to see how far I would go in the future. She said OK. Also she said I am a lot more pleasant and helpful around the house when I am wearing a skirt, so she sees some benefit. Perhaps I should follow-up and buy a super frilly French maids outfits and really offer to serve her. She would probably like me to cook, clean, and give her massages.

Since Thanksgiving is here soon, you should all know that I will be wearing skirts and dressing totally femme for the holiday as we entertain guests. The guests know about me but have not had much interaction with me as a girl. After getting up early and helping to cook in the kitchen, I will get dressed up for the big meal. I can guarantee that I will be the best dressed girl there, in a nice dress make-up and high heels. As least I will be the best dressed sissy.

Dressing in skirts at all times when not at work is really making my head spin. I can't believe that I am doing this, but I am. I will need to go shopping for more casual skirts and outfits since most of my wardrobe is dressier. And of course I will be shopping as a girl. I will be doing everything as a girl, except work.

I know that Mistress Stacey has other things in her plans to feminize and sissify me. Many of them will be humiliating. But his has a profound impact upon my psyche and lifestyle forever. Finally I must confess I am a pantywaist sissy faggot and that I love wearing womens' clothing. I am scared as heck but I am submitting to this feminization. I am a sissy boi and that is what we must do. What will be next?

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Dominated by Mistress Stacey

Mistress Stacey, a tg domme, has asserted her authority over me and as a submissive sissy I must comply. I have been ordered to to regularly wear matching panties and nightgowns to bed with a bra, every night. I will start sleeping in baby doll nightgowns and shorty nightgowns with thin straps. I am to look very sissish. I already know I am not a man, but Mistress has told me I am not to be a girl either. Instead I am to be a sissy faggot male. I have also been instructed to obtain many other items to further my sissification.

There are many new items with which I am having to deal, and this is really pushing my limits. I feel weak and submissive. In addition, I find this all a bit scary, although it is also exciting. After all, I AM a pantywaist sissy. Isn't this what it is all about.