Sunday, August 05, 2007

Kissy sissies

You can see in the picture here that Mistress Tammy kissed me between my breasts before we went out. It is beautiful to be wearing another girl's lipstick marks.

There is a yahoo group called 'tvskissing'. I love to be photographed kissing with another tgirl. I want to create a really sensuous but elegant series of pictures. Nothing tacky or blatant. Something with the innocence of two school girls kissing but with a touch of intense longing and desire, and everyone would know we are sissy boys in dresses and make-up. Ideally we would both be dressed in little girl dresses or something with ruffles and petticoats. (This would be nice but is not critical.) Of course we would have to post the best pictures on our blogs to show off to the world what kissy sissies we are.

I would also like to have some lingerie photos with another sissy as we kiss and press our lingerie clad bodies together. Of course the photos should be sensous and sexy, but not blatant. I like photos that are subtle and suggestive.

The photographer would have to help pose us to be sure we got good shots. I would love to find some local girls and a photographer to do this. After the photo shoot of the above ideas, I would be open to suggestions of the photographer for additional photos. I also like the idea of someone, like the photographer, watching and helping direct the action.

I want to be seen and photographed kissing with another sissy to create a delightful sissy portfolio. We would show the world what pansies we are. Are there any prissy sissy pansies that want to kiss, caress, and...?


Anonymous said...

Lovely photos and a great concept. Sissykisses to you!


Houtp said...

love the idea, would like to help, i'm in houston, been told i'm good with a camera. you are gourgeous as ever

annasissydoll said...

ooh ooh ooh!
me me me!
*jumping up and down excitedly*
oh pretty please i would LOVE LOVE LOVE to make sissy kisses with you! :)
oh let's let's! :)
anna sissy doll

sissy gina said...

I would love to have us be kissy sissy dolls together. It would be soooo sweet. It would be even sweeter if a Master or Mistress were watching and directing us.
sissy gina
PS. i love your blog.

Anonymous said...

sissy gina,

did you get my email ?

i would love to talk.


little debbie

Linda said...

I want to kiss you when we get together. I would be a wonderful experience and one I am really looking forward to.

Love and Kisses


annasissydoll said...

STILL SO EXCITED at the prospect! :)
my clitty is now caged so i can put ALL of my sissy sensuality into SISSY KISSES! :)
mmm soft long tender playfull passionate KISSES! :)
oh let's play i hope its SOON! :)
anna sissy doll

gabby-louise said...

OMG... gina you have created the most wonderful blog i have ever seen.

You are an icon for me. i had such a fantastic experience with you in Houston. i so wish we had a sissy kiss and cuddle together.... maybe next time

please, pleae keep posting your experiences and photo's... my panties are always wet after checking you out

huggs and kisses

molly said...

Sounds so exciting, love your way with words, any more pics..?

monica said...

OMG! how beautiful sissyness is darling sissy doll gina. I've just seen your site for first time and we have sooooo much in common. I am extremely sissy and adore public humiliation. I have a huge fetish for pantyhose, among with many other kinks. My name is monica pantyhose and i live in edinburgh, scotland. I just wish you were closer and i could get my sissy hands on you, Mmmmmmm. Want sooooo much to have a long long hot wet very messy sissy kissssss with you baby. Would die to see you and your friends do a pantyhose feature, that would drive me crazeeeeee babes. All my kinkyness and filthy thoughts to you darling sissy doll. I gonna be on your site regularly now. Keep up the beautiful work honey and think PANTYHOSE! Sissy monica XXXX

Antony said...

as a fully fledged sissy myself i would love the chance to sissy kiss with you, especially if your mistress was there too. i can picture the scene 2 sissys in their frillys mincing around and putting on a show for mistress

Anonymous said...

a lovely sissy!