Sunday, August 05, 2007

Kissy sissies

You can see in the picture here that Mistress Tammy kissed me between my breasts before we went out. It is beautiful to be wearing another girl's lipstick marks.

There is a yahoo group called 'tvskissing'. I love to be photographed kissing with another tgirl. I want to create a really sensuous but elegant series of pictures. Nothing tacky or blatant. Something with the innocence of two school girls kissing but with a touch of intense longing and desire, and everyone would know we are sissy boys in dresses and make-up. Ideally we would both be dressed in little girl dresses or something with ruffles and petticoats. (This would be nice but is not critical.) Of course we would have to post the best pictures on our blogs to show off to the world what kissy sissies we are.

I would also like to have some lingerie photos with another sissy as we kiss and press our lingerie clad bodies together. Of course the photos should be sensous and sexy, but not blatant. I like photos that are subtle and suggestive.

The photographer would have to help pose us to be sure we got good shots. I would love to find some local girls and a photographer to do this. After the photo shoot of the above ideas, I would be open to suggestions of the photographer for additional photos. I also like the idea of someone, like the photographer, watching and helping direct the action.

I want to be seen and photographed kissing with another sissy to create a delightful sissy portfolio. We would show the world what pansies we are. Are there any prissy sissy pansies that want to kiss, caress, and...?