Sunday, July 22, 2007

Mistress Tammy changes direction

It seems that many of us have more than one aspect to our personalities, and my transvestite Mistress Tammy is one of them. She has recently informed me that she wishes to change her role from Mistress to sissy. Instead of being a woman in public, she wants to dress as a little girl in a cute sissy dress like me. She has even expressed a desire to be on her knees sucking cock like a true pansy. So it seems that we will now be sissy girlfriends, although I will still be required to please her when she is in town. I will now have to consider whether or not I should seek a new Mistress.

Mistress Tammy has been a great inspiration and started me on my way to being the pansy that I am. It won't be the same with tammy in her new role, but I do like seeing boys dressed as sissy girls like me, and we will adapt and have a great time together when she is in town. Sissy tammy is now on her way to becoming an absolute fairy. How cute is that?

Update: tammy is being a real sissy male, going out in capri pants and high heels as a guy. That is so cute. What is even better, is that tammy will still be Mistress Tammy to me. I was told not to get a replacement and would still belong to her. I can handle Mistress Tammy being both sissy and Dominant, but my role will remain as only a submissive sissy.


tara said...

Sissy Gina, where can we see pics of Sissy Tammy wearing capris and heels as a guy?

Anonymous said...

Wow, you are flexible Sissy Gina. I couldn't deal with a Mistress who also wanted to be a sissy in petticoats. My Mistress has to be one hundred percent Domme.


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