Saturday, June 23, 2007

Lolita Fashion - Cute femme look

There is a recent Japanese fashion statement being made by teenage girls, particularly Japanese girls. It is considered a subculture of gothic but it focuses upon dressing in Victorian style or as a little girl, hence the “Lolita” name. I think this style is so cute and one can buy these darling sissy style outfits. Be careful, many of these outfits are only sized for teen girls and are either petite or junior in size. There are some sellers on ebay that will make similar outfits in any size.

Lolita Fashion is the term used for a young lady or man that dresses in clothes reminiscent of Victorian dolls. Frills, lace, dresses, skirts, petticoats, and head-dresses are all very common with Lolita fashion. Accessories most Lolitas carry around are teddy bears and parasols. Make-up is used sparingly, save for some cases in the Gothic Lolita look, and the idea is to look innocent and cute -- so skin isn't flaunted or shown unless it has to be. Lolitas aim to look like Victorian dolls, NOT French maids, so there's no need to flash a lot of skin.

If you do internet searches, look for “Sweet Lolita” or “Gothic Lolita”. I attach a few key sites I have found. The pictures here are from the and sites.

The Gothic & Lolita Bible (for definitions, no pix)

Gothic Lolita Art and Pictures

Some nice Lolita fashion and cosplay shops Lolita outfits from Japan.

You tube, some of my faves, but there are others too

Normally I like to put my own sissy pictures on my blog exclusively but these Lolita pictures are so cute. I think I may have to include them here. They are such an inspiration.


Anonymous said...

Lovely blog, Gina, thanks so much for making your thoughts and stories available!


sissysarah said...

gina, you are without doubt a True Treasure. How i pray we could somehow, someday play together dressed this way. With as much lust as we have lace, and equal measures of satin and romance. Thank-You for the sweet erotic dreams, and for sharing Lolita. kissies everywhere ~~sissy sarah~~

sissy danelle said...


you should dare your loyal readers to share in your experience by posting assignments that they should participate in. From wearing lipstick and tights everyday to getting rid of all male clothing, and just buying and wearing female clothing.

the loyal readers who wish to be a true sissy, and follow your example, would be more than willing to participate. i know i would.


Anonymous said...

I have a problem with this expression of the "darling" lolita fashion.
You got the origins wrong
Lolita was actually a book written about a forty year old pedophile that had a fetish for "nymphettes" (sexually desireable girls between the ages of 9 and 14)
He meets little 12 year old Dolly and nicknames her Lolita. He liked to dress his women up like dolls because it made them resemble his doll-like Lolita.
All in all the Lolita fashion is actually girls mimicking a pedophile's 12 year old sex toy, not a play off the victorian era.

Don't worry. It's a common misunderstanding of it.

But it does make the style a lot less attractive in my eyes.

Puppet Master said...

Someone said lolita fashion came from Vladimir Nabokov's Lolita. While the term did come from that book, the fashion did not. The fashion is made to emulate Victorian children's clothing, and it originated around the 1980's with the visual kei movement.

I'm a girl, but I find your blog very inspiring. Keep up the good work!

Xidori-Chan said...

Hm...if you like Lolita, you should check this page out then!

It talks about everything you can think about Lolita, everything, from the different styles of Lolita, what is a Lolita and what is Cosplay Lolita and so on, even the Origins of the fashion!

The stile is meant to look both elegant and cuteactually, there's literaly a style called Elegant Lolita.

Hope you like the website :D