Sunday, April 01, 2007

Affirmations of a pantywaist fairy in black lingerie

It seems about time that I reaffirm what an utter pantywaist sissy I am.

Look at me. Look at these pictures. Here I am, a male, sitting on the bed wearing black lingerie, make-up and 5" high heels. On top of that I am putting myself on public display and confessing my perverse erotic desires. What an absolute fairy.

While I was never much of a man with women in the past, I recognize I am now incapable of having an orgasm without wearing women's attire. Yes, I am so adicted to being an effeminate sissy, so addicted to wearing women's clothing. Even though most of my clothing is women's on an everyday basis, it is still a turn on to see myself in the mirror wearing lingerie and other femme attire. Sometimes when I get dressed in my lingerie in front of the mirror, I can't help being turned on by the sissy image I present. Sometimes I am drawn to stoke myself through my nylon panties as I remind myself what a fairy faggot I am. As I indulge in a favorite fantasy, I watch myself in lingerie dripping with lace. Before long I explode and cum in my panties. Even though I am sated sexually, I eagerly lick the cum from my panties. Some transvestites experience self disgust with themselves after an orgasm, but not me. I like it. I like being a pantywaist so much. Afterwards, I clean up and proceed to dress in my lingerie and other attire for the day. Sated or not, I dress as the fairy that I am, and was meant to be.

Then there are those other days. Those days when I play with myself in front of the mirror but stop. Yes, stop while close to climax and then get dressed for the day. It is the days that are quite frustrating because being a horny sissy stays fixed on my mind. I think that wearing a corset that day will keep me in check, but I know it won't. Wearing the corset only makes me feel like more of a fairy because I notice the constricting garment all day, and when I walk the tug of the garters, fastened to my stockings, is noticeable with every step. I work. I don't know how, but I seem to get work done in spite of the constant nagging sissy thoughts, the constant sexual torment of being a transvestite sissy male wearing a corest, stockings, and lingerie trying to work at my desk.

But whether I am horny or not, I faithfully wear my femme attire. It is part of my lifestyle now, and always will be. I am a confirmed pantywaist fairy.


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful thing to know what you are. I wear panties everyday and sometimes pantyhose to work. I am scared about being caught at work if I were to wear a bra or garters. Will you please write about what you wear to work and if anybody noticed?



Anonymous said...

Hi Gina
I had to post something as I share your thoughts and feeling and share you name. I am a kindred spirit, weven if we are miles apart
Georgina xxx

Miss D said...

Very nice gina.... I am sure the men enjoy seeing you in your lingerie and it does seem quite appropriate for you - dressed as a slut one day and then a little prissy the next... Equal parts of femming and humiliations..

And.. never, never should gina be spurting - simply not allowed! Touching is very good - teased but never sated - perfect for a little sissy!

Miss D

Anonymous said...

You do look sexy and would make a delicious sub sissy girlfriend.

Tell me- who takes your photos for you? If it was me who had you dressed like that in a bedroom, I am certain I would put down the camera and make great use of you !


sissy danelle said...

Why would anyone want to be a boring man, in their drab clothing? I say, be the best sissy you can be, enjoy the lovely world of feminine clothing.

Yes, I understand it is the humiliation aspect that you enjoy, but seriously, clothes are clothes. Too many males and females are too insecure in their sexuality that they have imposed a "norm" on society.

I find it exciting to be exposed as a sissy. I also find the experience disconcerting in regards on how programmable people are in our society. We are deemed as perverts because we are able to express ourselves, where as the majority hide behind the "norm".

In this case who is secure in their sexuality? The person who must wear boxers and pants or the person able to wear stockings and a corset?


PS I know you don't want to change the world, but why is what ociety deems as perverted is considered perverted?

Anonymous said...

This is for all you sissies out there reading gina's blog. She is indeed the ultimate, sissy faggot and you should pattern your life after her's. Her attitude and demeanor are what a Master like myself searchs for. She is a true sissy pansy and meant to serve and service Real Men. It is her fate in life and if you are reading this, yours too.

Anonymous said...

If only I could be half the sissy faggot you are I would be complete. Thank you for your insperation. Love sasysissysusan

Anonymous said...

Gina, I wonder what led you to this state? I don't mean that in a condescending way, speaking as a sub sissy myself, living as male full time. I assume you were married once, and it didn't work out. Your wife divorced you after you "came out"? I just wonder what becomes of all the sissies in this world. I am simultaneously inspired and uneasy by your example: inspired by your having the submissive confidence to live 2/3 full time, yet uneasy by what seems a form of sexual addiction that I see in lots of sissies. What role should one's sexuality play in one's life? And, while sissies often highlight their ADDICTION to sissification and the erotic gratification it brings, we don't see other ADDICTS similarly reveling in their ADDICTIONS. Why?

Anonymous said...

i can't !!! i dont have a words to explin my sentements!!!! thinc's sissy gina

Anonymous said...
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sissy gina said...

To the last post owner,
You have dug down deep into my sissy blog and made a tacky comment to a 2 year old post. This leads me to believe that you either like sissies or like being a sissy but can't cope with the guilt. Come back to my blog again to enjoy my sissy lifestyle. I know you want to and you are always welcome. I am an effeminate sissified fairy who is submissive in nature and curtsy to you.
sissy gina

Anonymous said...

Gina, I don't know why alot of transvestites are always putting themselves down. I know transvestites are not acceoted in mainstream society, but who cares, I have a beautiful TV girlfriend and we do alot of things and go alot of places. She is not totally passable and we get alot of looks, but f__k those people. I think transvestites are interesting and beautiful. Girls, please don't put your self down. Doug

Cashcooper said...

Your mistress is quite lucky to have such a pretty and sexy sissy!

Anonymous said...

I am entirely the same way about it all as you! I love being a hopelessly indulgent pantywaist, fairy, sissy, wuss, pussy, lisping, limp-wristed, transexual, transvestite that I would love to shout that out and publically declare it everywhere from inside crowded sports bars to major beauty pageants! But thats not all I love about being me! I consider myself blessed that my little pinky and her two earrings are so girlishly tiny that I have never had to or even never been able to tuck! Nor have I ever been able to get hard enough to penetrate a vagina. And now, since I have permanently chemically castrated myself with estrogens, anti-androgens and depo-provera, I am not capable, nor will I ever be capable of any sort of sex with anyone except myself which has been reduced to coaxing a few drops of a clear, watery liquid to 'leak' out of the forever flaccid tip of an eternally wet-noodle-limp poor excuse for a so-called penis.

Anonymous said...

In high school the football jocks always called me a Pussy. They no doubt thought that it bothered me. It actually turned me on because I thought of myself as way less masculine than being JUST a pussy. I'd love to encounter those jocks today, dolled to my pantywaist sissy most extreme and inform them that:
a) I was at my MOST masculine then and I have only gotten more feminized since, and
b) after school, on my way home to play girly dressup, I would purposely ride past the football field so I would see them practicing and I'd get a raging stiffy while fantasizing about being Prom Queen and sucking all of them off secretly during the prom then having them tell their girlfriends (mostly cheerleaders) that I can do boys way better than any girls at the high school. And as if THAT wouldn't trip them out, I'd add in that every fantasy about them always ended with one or more of them kicking me in the balls so hard that I wake up in a hospital to a doctor telling me that my testicles were damaged beyond repair and were in danger of getting infected so they had to be immediately surgically removed. Then the doctor says that if I want I can have all applicable gender reassignment surgeries for free.

Anonymous said...

Not only am I an thoroughly indulcent, muscularly weak, highly effeminate pantywaist transvestite, but I am also incapable of pleasing or even having sex with girls. This is because I have a micropenis that is a full two inches long erect and one and a half inch long flaccid less than one inch diameter. On top of that I am terribly afraid of girls, impotent and hate touching or smelling a vagina. So the only way I can be intimate is as a submissive, effeminate faggot bottom...essentially just one weak, girlish cum dump. Fortunately I absolutely love eating and swallowing semen mainly because it is estrogenic which is an extra-feminizing bonus on top of my regimen of finesteride, estrofem, provera and spirotone.

Anonymous said...

I have gone entire days without food, just cum and wine. But whenever I do that I need to swallow massive amounts of semen in order to feel full.

Anonymous said...

I have gone entire days without food, just cum and wine. But whenever I do that I need to swallow massive amounts of semen in order to feel full.

Anonymous said...

The straight cis girls next door are jealous of me because I get way more cock than all four of them combined. They can only get straight dick because gay dick doesn't interest them but I get both straight and gay dick. All my dicks know that they are to refrain from sex or masturbation for at least a week before they have ne do them so as to maximize their loads. One time I HAD to swallow in order to take more in to my mouth and several guys bypass my mouth altogether since their heads hit the back of my throat. So their loads just goes straight into my stomach.