Sunday, April 01, 2007

Affirmations of a pantywaist fairy in black lingerie

It seems about time that I reaffirm what an utter pantywaist sissy I am.

Look at me. Look at these pictures. Here I am, a male, sitting on the bed wearing black lingerie, make-up and 5" high heels. On top of that I am putting myself on public display and confessing my perverse erotic desires. What an absolute fairy.

While I was never much of a man with women in the past, I recognize I am now incapable of having an orgasm without wearing women's attire. Yes, I am so adicted to being an effeminate sissy, so addicted to wearing women's clothing. Even though most of my clothing is women's on an everyday basis, it is still a turn on to see myself in the mirror wearing lingerie and other femme attire. Sometimes when I get dressed in my lingerie in front of the mirror, I can't help being turned on by the sissy image I present. Sometimes I am drawn to stoke myself through my nylon panties as I remind myself what a fairy faggot I am. As I indulge in a favorite fantasy, I watch myself in lingerie dripping with lace. Before long I explode and cum in my panties. Even though I am sated sexually, I eagerly lick the cum from my panties. Some transvestites experience self disgust with themselves after an orgasm, but not me. I like it. I like being a pantywaist so much. Afterwards, I clean up and proceed to dress in my lingerie and other attire for the day. Sated or not, I dress as the fairy that I am, and was meant to be.

Then there are those other days. Those days when I play with myself in front of the mirror but stop. Yes, stop while close to climax and then get dressed for the day. It is the days that are quite frustrating because being a horny sissy stays fixed on my mind. I think that wearing a corset that day will keep me in check, but I know it won't. Wearing the corset only makes me feel like more of a fairy because I notice the constricting garment all day, and when I walk the tug of the garters, fastened to my stockings, is noticeable with every step. I work. I don't know how, but I seem to get work done in spite of the constant nagging sissy thoughts, the constant sexual torment of being a transvestite sissy male wearing a corest, stockings, and lingerie trying to work at my desk.

But whether I am horny or not, I faithfully wear my femme attire. It is part of my lifestyle now, and always will be. I am a confirmed pantywaist fairy.