Thursday, March 15, 2007

sissy gina's first manicure and pedicure

I was recently given an assignment by Miss D to get a manicure and a pedicure. It seems I never had one before. I made an appointment and went dressed as an effeminate male as was appropriate. So, attired only in women's clothing without a wig or breasts, I got my nails done. I wore black slacks, a pretty blouse, jewelry, and high heeled sandals.

It was a delightful indulgence and a real treat. I can understand why women do it. It is such fun having someone care for you hands and feet along with making your nails really pretty.

While I do not keep my finger nails polished for daily wear, my toe nails remain a pretty red. In fact, I like it so much, I hearby commit to always having my toe nails polished as a sissy should. This is now a new permanent feature of my growing sissy lifestyle. And I guess I will be going to get my nails done regularly at the salon too.

I wonder what the guys at the gym would say when I change wearing in the locker room into my women's gym attire wearing nail polish, lipstick, and lingerie. No one has said anything yet, but I can see them take notice. Oh my, I am becoming such a fairy, and I love it so.


sissy Cecilia said...

Dear sissy Gina:

I left a comment on sissy Stacey's blog. So I thought it appropriate to leave a comment here as well. Stacey's blog was my first exposure to sissiness. That is where it all started. At the time, I had checked your blog and I just thought "what a pervert".

I must apologize for my thoughts at the time as I have become somewhat of a sissy myself, except for the fact that I have a girlfriend who I am submissive to when in sissy mode.

You have had a great influence on me because of your courage and nobility of spirit. You are really a sweet sissy worthy of someone's love. Are you aware of that? I think some of your readers must be in love with you. You are so pretty.

Thanks for all your posts. I have read most of them in all kinds of different places. I hope I have the courage one day to do some of the things you do. I have this deep desire to start an exercise program at the gym and attend in sissy mode with leotards and just be one of the girls. But I am so scared! How do you do it? Have you ever been threatened?

One day, I will pm you if it is OK with you. You are such an inspiration.

Sissy Cecilia

sissy lovie said...

Dearest sissy gina,

First of all, permit me to say that your blog is so nicely composed. If only all of us girls possessed the talent you do.

Secondly, before that fateful day, you never treated yourself to either a mani or a pedi ??? That is just so hard for me to believe. I naturally assumed you were a regular at the salon, what with your knockout looks.

Anyway, was your first all you expected it to be? Speaking from personal experience, my first time was a visit to just this side of paradise. And if the salon Ladies make you feel like one of the girls, that is icing on the cake.

Tell us, how long did it take you to choose that hot red color? Bet the bottle had your name on it. I usually ask the salon Lady to pick out a color appropriate for a sissy boy; better still, if there is a pretty GG in the next chair, I'll ask if She would mind help select a color suitable for me.

As you so correctly predicted in your posting, a reular monthly visit to the nail salon has to be part of your femme routine. Take it from me, once you have had your first mani/pedi, you will not want to do without them ever again.

Lastly, may I ask if you might want to book a "double date" for a mani/pedi session during my next visit to Houston? Then afterwards, maybe we girls can go window shopping for some hot outfits.

Once again, best of luck with your blog; your adventures are always so inspirational.

Your sweet girl,
sissy lovie